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Hi, I’m Melanie,

Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach

Certified Holistic Life Coach

Certified Personal Trainer

I’m here to help empower women to improve their health and wellness by simplifying their lives, finding balance, and improving their overall physical and emotional well-being. I know what’s it’s like to feel like you are losing control of your life, I’ve been there and it took a toll on my overall wellbeing.

I help women, in their 40’s, feel comfortable and confident in their skin by ending the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting and ending the battle with food and their bodies. 

I’m out to disrupt the diet industry and stop the cycle for the next generation. 

After years of struggling with my own weight issues, body image, and confidence, I decided I was done following all of the fad diets and all the quick fixes the diet industry was promoting. I decided to find out what MY body needed to live in a happy place and free from the rules and deprivation of dieting.

I know what it feels like to struggle with all of this and I also know that I am not alone, nor are you!

Throughout my own personal journey and my studies in becoming a Certified Nutrition and Life Coach, I discovered the 5 KEY pillars necessary to release excess weight effortlessly and actually keep it off for good, which is what I teach in my CIRNA Method program.



Are you Ready to Kick the Yo-Yo Diet’s to the Curb? 

​​It’s time to Transform Your Relationship with Food and Your Body so you can break out of the Vicious Yo-Yo Dieting Cycle and End Emotional Eating once and for all…

I hear you…

  • You ​are tired of struggling and being stuck in a vicious cycle with food
  • You know that diets don’t work long-term and what worked for you back in the day no longer works as you get older​
  • You feel like your metabolism is slower than it has ever been
  • You’ve been on this crazy ride long enough to know that what you’re doing isn’t working, but you’re not quite sure where to start
  • You’re READY and willing to make ​a change, and spend time on yourself so you can finally break free of the long, exhausting battle with food

I’ve got your back!

Together we will target what has been holding you back from feeling​ good in your body, while we ​design do-able and realistic strategies that will empower and motivate you. 

You CAN break free of ​sabotaging habits and limitations that are no longer serving you. ​​

You deserve to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin and live a life free of food obsession and rules.

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