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7 Changes That Happen When You Don’t Eat Enough

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There are a lot of thing that go on in our brains and our bodies if we’re not eating enough. 

Believe it or not, this 1200 calorie BS is just that…COMPLETE BULLSHIT!!! I’m not sure who or where it all came from that 1200 calories is the be all end all to weigh loss but I’m pretty sure that’s like the calorie intake a 2 year old should be eating.



Not to mention that you are probably depriving your body of its nutrients which could lead to many things such as hair loss or thinning, organs being on overdrive, messed up metabolism and hormones…but that’s not what I’m diving into today.

Besides what is silently going on inside your body, as the above mentioned…there are quite a few other things that go on that seem to STILL lead us down that path of the restrictive, depravation of another diet. It’s what goes on in your mind that REALLY makes a big difference.

So let’s discuss that a bit more in detail.

7 things that happen when you don’t eat enough

  1. Recurring obsessive food thoughts

Welcome to the world I used to live in where there’s a constant obsession over everything that goes into your mouth. Will it have me going over on points? Will I be hungry later? Will this take me off my diet? Will I be able to “Get back at it” if I eat the “bad” foods?

Ever been in those thoughts? How’s that been working for you? IT DOESN’T. What kind of life are you living if you are in constant obsession mode over what you put in your mouth or what your next meal or “Cheat” meal is?

You are missing out on LIFE because you are becoming an obsessed slave to the diet mentality. Run away!! Hurry, there’s still time. Get out now and do not pass go to collect your $200!!



2. Increased feelings of anxiety and depression

Yep. When you are obsessing over food and you think anything you do outside of your diet is “Wrong” things start to go down hill in life…go ahead, ask me how I know.

How in the world would anyone NOT head down the path of anxiety when all you’re thinking about is how much you CANNOT eat. We’re in this mode of thinking smaller is better and we’ll do anything to get there, including losing who we are!!

The thoughts of always checking the numbers and IF they aren’t going down on the scale, we feel like a failure and get upset with ourselves thinking that we’ll never lose the weight.

3. Mood irritability and emotional distress

Hello? If you’re missing out on life I’m sure there will be moments of irritability. Not to mention when you’re not giving your body enough nutrients it will kind of get angry at you. It will be hangry, tired, stressed and it will fight back and give you these signs but we don’t seem to listen to it.

So we’re just plain irritable (hangry) all the time which puts us in emotional distress.

Let me play out a little scene for you and you tell me if you’ve ever lived it…I HAVE!!

“Ohh, we’re having cake at the party! Oh shit, I can’t have cake because it’s not on my diet. If I eat it, I might fall of the wagon and never get back on. I’ve been doing so good lately I just can’t mess up this time.”

How enjoyable is that conversation in your mind? I’d get to the point where I’d have a full on argument in my damn head and just end up eating the effing cake…then I’d be pissed at myself for doing so.



4. Social withdrawal and isolation

Oh I’ve seen this one with MANY people. “I’m staying home tonight while the family goes out to dinner. I have to stay the course.” ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME??? I know, it sounds harsh of me to say that BUT you are missing out on LIFE. For what? A smaller body? What the hell is society doing to us?

Why are we missing out on social events or family pictures for a SIZE or number on the scale. This is absolutely insane to me…even though I kind of lived it. I’m pissed at myself for missing out on shit and I swear, I will never do it again as long as I live.

Again, society has us being a slave to the diet world and we’re missing out on our damn lives. Makes complete sense…doesn’t it? UMMM, hell to the no!

5. Decline in concentration and comprehension

This is your brain on a diet! Can’t concentrate because you’re hangry all the time AND then the rest is history…what did you say? Not sure because I cannot concentrate with the lack of nutrients my body is getting. It’s a little world of brain fog and it’s great because I’m getting smaller…Oh wait, smaller does NOT always equal healthy.

Am I sounding a bit harsh? Trust me when I say I’m coming from a place of love and passion when I type this. I’m also a little pissed because THIE WAS ME a few years ago and I now realize how ridiculous I was being…and FOR WHAT? a effing number on the scale and a “smaller body”…one that I still hated I’ll have you know.

6. Increased urge to overeat and binge

Well, when you’re not eating enough that glass of water you’re drinking because “you’re not hungry, you’re bored” isn’t cutting it!! YOUR BODY IS TELLING you SOMETHING…it’s hungry…perhaps you should nourish it. Would you let your car run out of gas? WHY in the hell do we do this o our bodies?

Oh, I know..because weight watchers and my fitness pal said this is how much I should eat…THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT YOU STOP LISTENING TO THEM!!

The more you restrict, the more you’ll crave (even things you don’t even really like), the more you crave, the more you’ll “fall off the wagon” and binge....then we beat ourselves up and get pissed.

Why not just EAT and give your body what it’s asking for? Oh because I NEED to be smaller and MFP and WW says it’s okay…AT WHAT COST?

Are you reading this? Have you absorbed what I am putting down? I know, I’m being a bit harsh…BUT I see people do this OVER AND OVER again and then run to another quick fix BS diet that is no where near enough to fuel a baby mouse!!



7. Distorted self- image and concerns with appearance

I feel like this one is the worst.

“Am I getting smaller? Am I losing weight…shit if people know I’m on a diet and I don’t get smaller, they’ll judge me”

I can tell you that there were times that no matter how small, lean, toned or whatever they’re calling it today, I got… I STILL had issues with what I saw in the mirror. For so long I thought the solution was to hit up another diet but sadly, that wasn’t the answer.

The answer was hidden inside under years of yo-yo dieting mentality and thoughts. I had to uncover a LOT of thing that never were found in that 30, 60 or 90 day challenge.

This was probably the hardest one to overcome, and still is some days. It takes work and it’s not a quick fix to start to love and accept your body as it is!!

This is your brain on a diet



Welcome to what goes on inside your mind and body in the diet world. What has it cost you in the past? Sanity? Social events? Self-love? Is it all worth it? I didn’t think so and many of my clients are starting to see this too.

Your brain needs constant fuel to be able to function properly. When you are under eating and under nourishing, your body goes through a lot of changes that you might not realize are even a result of under eating and constant dieting…It’s NOT you, it’s your diet.

Are you surprised by these 7 changes?



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