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About Me

I’m a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Life Coach, and Personal Trainer. 

I help women, in their 40’s, feel comfortable and confident in their skin by ending the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting and ending the battle with food and their bodies. 

I’m out to expose the BS behind the quick-fix diets and disrupt the diet industry so we can stop the cycle for the next generation. 

I do NOT believe in diets nor do I promote them. I feel that REAL nutrition and weight loss are not about cutting calories or eliminating food groups. It has to be realistic and it MUST support your overall health!

There IS another way!

After years of struggling with my own weight issues, body image, and confidence, I decided I was done following all of the fad diets and all the quick fixes the diet industry was promoting. I decided to find out what MY body needed to live in a happy place, free from the rules and deprivation of dieting.

Throughout my own personal journey and my studies in becoming a Certified Nutrition and Life Coach, I discovered the 5 KEY pillars necessary to release excess weight effortlessly and actually keep it off for good, which is what I teach in my CIRNA Method program.


This is NOT your momma’s diet approach.

Let’s be real here…you and I both know there is no magic pill or quick fix out there that works when it comes to SUSTAINABLE weight loss. If there was, we would all have it by now and so would our momma’s.

The approach I use with my clients is about becoming aware of the habits and behaviors you have with food and your body that are destructive and keep you stuck in the vicious cycle.

It’s about becoming conscious of the choices you make, and how you nourish yourself. It’s about understanding your triggers that lead you to overeat or numb out with food. It’s about understanding YOUR body and giving it what it needs.

It’s about getting to the ROOT cause of what’s been holding you back all this time.

Because here’s the thing, if you have been struggling for years with weight loss, I want you to know that it’s NOT YOUR FAULT. The diet industry has been lying to you!

Now you get to approach weight loss in a way that lasts, and feels doable, instead of hard!  You get to learn to love your body and honor it with nourishment, kindness, and healthy movement.

You get to wear clothes that feel good and learn to appreciate the skin you’re in. And, you get to eat foods you love without guilt and remorse. You are SO VERY capable of that, even if you don’t believe it right now.


My goal is to help you live a more fulfilling life and be the BEST version of yourself. I’m here to help you go from overwhelmed to empowered. Research proves that we are more successful when we have support and accountability. We will work together to make sure you are living a healthy and fulfilling life for many years to come. You owe it to yourself to invest in your health and wellness.

It’s YOUR time to take care of YOU! Let’s do this.

It’s time for you to shine! It’s time for you to start living your life as the BEST version of YOURSELF. It’s time to be happy with who you are inside and out. It’s about loving yourself, mind, body, and spirit.

It’s never too late to get started!!



Learn the TRUTH TODAY!!