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Why Eat Less Move More is a Bull Shit Myth

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Have you ever hear about this eat less move more idea? Well, I’m about to tell you that it’s all a crock of BS.

If it were that simple as calories in, calories out, we’d all have this weight loss resistance thing solved and no one would be overweight. BUT, that just doesn’t seem to be the case.



How and What You Eat is Important

Of course, how and what you eat are important but it’s just a small step in a long series of factors that make up your overall health. Not all calories are created equal. It’s a bit more complicated than just calories in calories out.

Let’s look at it from a different point of view and put the calories aside for a minute.

Your weight and health depend on a few other factors. 

  • Nutrients
  • Your Body Composition
  • DNA
  • What type of exercise you do
  • Hormones
  • Quality of Food

It’s more of a QUALITY versus QUANTITY type of thing. Look at from the point of improving your health, healing your body and feeling better. All calories are not created equal.



Flip the Script

If we take away the eat less, move more concept, we can look at the other areas and see if they need to be addressed first. If and when things are out of balance in certain areas, the eat less move more is pretty much crap. I work with clients that are sometimes NOT even eating enough. Like less than 1200 calories, not enough. That right there can actually CAUSE weight gain. I’m not too sure where that 1200 calorie BS came from but that’s a load of crap too.

Weight loss, if needed, happens when you address the imbalances in the body and address the foundations of health. It starts from the inside out.



Eat Less, Move More Does Work

Oh, it will work, but only for a short while. With the onset of calorie restriction and calorie deficit you may see a few pounds fall off at first, until your body catches up and slows dows your metabolism halting the weight loss…then what happens? More caloric deficit in order to see weight loss.

It gets to a point where it turns into a vicious cycle of dieting and deficit and extreme workouts. this can cause eating disorders and so much more harm to our bodies when done over and over again.

Remember, weight loss does not always equal health.

Quality Matters

I said it once already and I will say it again. It’s QUALITY versus QUANTITY. This goes for our eating habits and workouts.

The quality of our food has far more effect on whether or not we gain or lose weight. Some foods are straight-up crap. These low-fat, low-sugar hot ticket items are a chemical shit storm that can cause inflammation, hormonal disruption, and more HUNGER!

We also seem to be in this move more state of, if I eat too much, I can just work out extra. You cannot out workout bad eating habits. This can lead to adrenal overdrive and again halt all weight loss only to have you wondering what the heck is going on with your body with all the working out you are doing.




Final Thoughts

  • What we’ve been taught about weight loss may be a little skewed and lack perspectives.
  • Focus on gaining HEALTH. It’s possible when your health is in check, weight loss is a nice little side effect..IF your body actually even needs to shed any extra.
  • Focus on making healthy changes that work for YOU. Stay focused on how you want to FEEL, not the numbers.
  • If you’ve been in the eat less move more movement and it isn’t quite working, it might be time for a different approach.

Weight loss and working out should not be that complicated. There is always another way and one that WILL work for you. 


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