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How To Measure Your Progress Without Using The Scale

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How do you measure your progress without using the scale?


Yes! Throw it away. You do NOT need to use the scale to measure your progress.

Why is it that the scale meals so much to us women?

If you’re like me, the number on the scale has the power to mess with your mind and your progress. Well, it ends here! Get rid of the scale and take back the power. Mine has been in the closet many times in the past.  It seems when I take the focus away from the number on the scale I find myself stressing less and less about the weight.

So many times I would step on the scale and let it define me and my progress ( or lack of). If I lost weight or maintained my weight, I’d breathe a sigh of relief – I could continue to eat as I had been and I could feel good about myself. But if I gained any weight – even just a pound or two – my mood would turn and I’d feel guilty, sad, gross, and ashamed. I’d plan a super intense workout session to “burn off” the extra calories and then I’d be sure to restrict to make sure the weight didn’t creep up more. This is not a way to live.



The number on the scale is just that, a number, and nothing else.

It doesn’t mean much when you are trying to transform your body. Just because you don’t see the numbers moving doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress. Instead of gauging your progress by stepping on that stinky old scale, go by how you FEEL! I cannot stress that one enough. People could have told me I looked great every minute of the day BUT inside, I was a hot mess express. I have to realize it wasn’t about a LOOK but it was about a FEEL.

I had to switch my focus and focus on the changes in my behavior and thoughts. I had to put the scale in a time out!!




Here are some great tips on how to measure your progress without using the scale.

  • First and foremost, focus on how you FEEL. How’s your mood?
  • Are you stronger today than you were yesterday? This isn’t always a workout thing either. It all starts from the inside out.
  • Pay attention to your energy levels. AS you get closer to your fitness goals, you will notice you have more energy. SUCCESS!
  • Be more present in your life…set the numbers aside and you’ll be surprised at the changes you see.


These are some ideas for recognizing your health wins and progress without the numbers.




Rather than measuring your progress by a number on the scale, pursue healthy behaviors for their own sake. Focus on the changes you see in your behavior and your thoughts. It’s a process, and it will take time to undo all the diet mentality and food rules that have built up in your head over the years.

Celebrate all your wins and successes – no matter how small – and write them all down somewhere you can reference. Over time they will build up until you get to the point where the scale no longer defines you.

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