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I’ll like the way I look when I finally lose the weight

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Once I lose weight I’ll Love the way I look???

Have you ever had that thought or said that to yourself?  Why would you put off the joy and satisfaction of self-esteem until you achieve a “LOOK”?

I almost gave up

This way of thinking made me almost give up on life completely, but before I get into that, you need to know this is why most people never get their results. They actually are going about it completely backwards.



I had the “LOOK” but I wasn’t FEELING it

I remember back in the day when I weighed 110 lbs and I was never happy with how I looked. It didn’t matter how much weight I would lose, I still found something wrong with my body.

But now I know our bodies are not about the way we look. The way I was going back then with the diets and the fat burners and meal replacement shakes, I was destroying my insides and shaving years off my life just so that I could look good on the outside for a few good years in my life. It really is embarrassing to admit exactly how vain and ridiculous I was. 

I had to get comfortable with my SIZE

It wasn’t until I got comfortable in my size that I was able to have the right mindset to start getting results. I had to learn the 3 components of body image. That is why this is one of the first things I cover in the CIRNA METHOD.

It was about being able to ACCEPT my body and not pick it apart every time I looked in the mirror or put on my clothes.



Weight loss seemed like my life’s purpose

There was a time when I kind of felt that losing weight used to be MY life’s purpose. I was always searching for the next quick fix or the next thing that would work

I was in a constant “fat burning” mindset and would try to find the BEST diet that would help me “lean out” or “tone up”. I even resorted to doing multiple workouts a day, restricting calories (1200 or less) , not eating after a certain time and of course counting and measuring ALL THE THINGS!!

It was complete insanity and obsession. I felt like I NEEDED to hit a certain number on the scale or wear a certain size jeans in order to “fit the part”. 

It was literally killing my spirit inside. It was controlling me in so many ways. I was seeing results, BUT I was NOT happy!!

This was NOT how I wanted to live. This was NOT my life’s purpose!



I had to let go

I had to learn to let go of the weight loss mindset. When I let go of controlling my weight and focused on LISTENING to my body and understanding what it needed…things began to shift. 

Everything changed! My relationships got stronger, I found true joy in my life, and I began to feel more confidence, food was no longer the enemy and neither was exercise!

I felt like I was missing out on the life I was supposed to be living. It was time to let go of the diet mentality.

What are you missing out on in life because you can’t stop focusing on your weight?

It took me a while BUT I had to look at the 3 components of Body Image and work on improving them in order to realize that is wasn’t weight loss I needed in order to FEEL happy or like the way I looked.

It’s all about body image

3 components of BODY IMAGE and How to Improve Yours

  1. Perception, or the mental picture you have of the way you look.

We have to debunk the thoughts that our bodies are supposed to LOOK a certain way or that beauty is a certain definition that society is telling us. You get to decide what BEAUTY means to you. It all starts from the inside. Broaden your scope of what beauty really is.

2. Interpretation, or your emotions and thoughts about that picture.

We have to recognize that there will be good days and bad days with how we interpret our body…and that is totally okay! Once you understand that on your journey to body acceptance, body love, body positivity, or body respect, the end game isn’t a life without bad body image days…we’re all human.

Be kind to yourself and allow those days to come and go. It’s so important that you work on finding the positive instead of dwelling on the negative.

3. Behavior, or your actions in response to said interpretation. Basically, this is what you do to maintain or change your appearance.

This is where we get into ditching the diet mentality…change your thoughts, change your mind. Maybe it’s not always about thinking you need to change your external appearance to be acceptable.

There’s a little bit of a mindset shift that comes into play with this one. Your thoughts will create your actions so be sure you have positive thoughts.




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