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Frustrated With Your Weight Loss Efforts?

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Are you, or have you ever been, frustrated with your weight loss efforts? 

You’re doing the tracking, the counting, measuring, restricting all the non-diet foods, getting in all your workouts and despite your best efforts, the scale isn’t moving…Is this you?

I feel your frustration



I’ve been there, done that, read all the books and googled weight loss tips and I’ve even tried what Susie tried only to end up frustrated at my lack of progress and results.

I get it, we all know what we’re supposed to be doing but we aren’t doing it. I have heard that one before and I’m guilty of it myself. You’re not alone if you fall into this category. I can promise you that many of us have felt this frustration and there IS hope.



Don’t blame yourself

Don’t blame yourself, blame the damn diet. Seriously, they don’t work. I used to blame myself all the time and beat myself up because I thought I was failing and I sucked.

It’s not worth beating yourself up all the time and ending up frustrated, there’s more to life than “trying everything” and not having it work.

It took me a while to figure it all out and to find what actually worked for me. My relationship with food and exercise was NOT healthy for a while. I looked at it all as punishment for what I either ate or didn’t eat. Clearly, it did nothing but leave me frustrated.

This relationship has been and is still a work in progress but I want to share a few tips with you that have worked for me. These were pretty big eye-openers.

5 Tips on Beating the Frustration that comes with Weight Loss

  • QUIT DIETING: Quit with the quick fixes and quit “going on” a diet.
  • CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT FOOD: It’s time to end the self-sabotaging stress of the diet cycle. Quit with the strict restrictions and endless food war.
  • CHANGE YOUR VOCABULARY: Stop using “cheat meal” and categorizing your food as “good” or “bad” by whether or not it fits into your diet plan. These words can hurt your progress, trust me words matter.
  • LISTEN TO YOUR BODY: For real, your body is pretty smart and it knows what it needs. It will perform much better when we give it what it needs. STOP starving yourself or cutting yourself off when you have hit your macros…EAT if you are hungry!
  • RELAX, BE PATIENT, START FROM THE INSIDE OUT: Give yourself some grace and stop with the all or nothing thinking. YOU are human so allow yourself to be just that. Progress over perfection will win every time. Focus on your health and weight loss may be a great side effect.



I’ve been applying these tips in my own thinking because I was so stuck in the diet mentality thinking I had to be and fit the part as a fitness/health professional. For me, that wasn’t real and it just wasn’t working for me. I was only ending up frustrated and hating myself and my body.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to weight loss and the frustration many of us have gone through, multiple times, it’s just not worth it. Weight loss shouldn’t be your main focus when it comes to your overall health, it’s not the be-all-end-all.

Weight loss should not cost you your sanity or leave you high and dry with frustration. It’s time to get off the emotional diet rollercoaster and start creating a healthy relationship with your body, exercise, and food.




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