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Do You Ever Wonder What Your Ideal Weight Is?

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Do you ever wonder what your ideal weight it? What’s your perfect weight?

I’m about to drop a quick truth bomb here…There is no perfect weight!

Your perfect weight is NOT a number on the scale. That does not define you.



We seem to have this action we think needs to have a certain outcome OR we have failed. The action f stepping on the scale can sometimes make or break your day, depending on the number. This action then leads us to that thought…are we failing or succeeding? If the number isn’t where we THINK it should be, based on our efforts, we have this feeling of failure. What kind of way is that to live? Stop letting the scale define you.

So WHAT is your ideal weight?

Your ideal weight is…

  • When you can enjoy a night out without stressing about what you eat
  • When you stop falling “off the wagon” or feel like you need to “Get back on track”.
  • When you can eat foods and look at them as a form of nourishment
  • When your days aren’t consumed by food, numbers and body thoughts




QUIT obsessing over diet, food and your body

You’re missing the boat if you actually think there is an actual “perfect weight” and you are constantly in search of it.

We’re so scared of falling off the wagon and gaining weight that our health is suffering.

Obsession = Stress 

All of this obsessing is doing more harm than good. Let’s take a step back from all the damn numbers and our weight for a second and see what all this stressing is actually doing to our bodies. It’s so counterproductive.

The obsessing causes us to stress over things and stress can lead to anxiety, exhaustion and whatever crazy emotions you want to put in there when you’re on this rollercoaster. All of this can lead to hormonal imbalances which in turn jack up your body’s systems leading right back to the weight gain.  Not too conducive now is it?

I actually created a little masterclass for this right here. I know how difficult it can be to ride this rollercoaster so I created this masterclass to help you Get off the Emotional Diet Rollercoaster. It will help you with this struggle you may be going through to find the right mindset and stay positive when it comes to your body and all this crazy dieting.



Feel confident in your skin

You really should be able to feel confident in your skin without having to tie it to a number or what you think your ideal weight should be. Your body knows what it is supposed to weight and when you give it what it needs, it does what it is supposed to.

It’s time to conquer the craziness of thinking there’s an ideal weight and work more on finding the right balance and SIMPLIFY your relationship with your weight. We should be able to feel good about our bodies without obsessing over the number.

If you could create overall balance in your health and wellness life would be much less stressful. Stop putting such a high amount of your time thinking about your weight, there are better things you can do instead.

How would your life be different if you didn’t measure your worth by the number on the scale? 


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