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How to Deal with Negative Body Issues Episode 2: Rewiring Your Brain

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Are you self critical?

Do you focus too much on your flaws?

Nobody’s perfect, we all have insecurities. Many people struggle with body image issues and focus too much on what they think is wrong with themselves rather than embracing the positive.

Believe it or not, our minds are better at focusing on the negative thoughts rather than the positive. Really, how many more negative thoughts do you have than positive ones on a daily basis. It’s like the whole world is so busy focusing on negative things that they forget how to have positive thoughts.

BUT, I’ve got good news for you. YOU have the power to change your thoughts and that’s where it all starts. What you think, you become. Whatever you think about becomes stronger in your mind SO make sure it’s positive. It’s time to start thinking positive things about yourself and your body image.

Remember when I asked you to come up with 8 to 10 POSITIVE things about yourself in EPISODE 1?

Well, we’re going to focus on those things and rewire your brain to think positive thoughts.

Look over that list and remind yourself of this:

YOU have to believe those thoughts are true ( and they are) if you expect to see things manifest in your life and thoughts. You are only one thought away from rewiring your brain to love your body and think positive thoughts.

Embrace the positive emotions, spend time feeling these feelings as you focus on making positive thoughts about yourself a new daily habit. Love, respect and appreciate all the things about you and you’ll start noticing a difference and you won’t be focusing on the negative thoughts as much.

Whenever you do have those negative thoughts you have to push them away and replace them with positive ones. You have to realize those negative thoughts just aren’t true. When those negative thoughts pop up and become strong, they control you and they become what you focus on most. You have to turn it all around and focus on the good, you deserve it.

Here is a little exercise I’d love for you to start practicing each day to rewire your brain.

Take a few minutes each morning, take 3 deep breaths, focus, and think about 3 POSITIVE things about yourself. Repeat it EVERY day until it becomes natural. THIS will rewire your brain and you will notice that those negative body image thoughts you had are now packed away.

You are only one thought away from changing your life. You have the power to change your thoughts at any given time. KEEP THEM POSITIVE!!


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