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5 Root Causes of Adrenal and Thyroid Dysfunction

5 root causes of adrenal and thyroid dysfunction

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When I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition I accepted it as a hereditary thing since my mom had had issues since she was a teen. I figured it was just something I “got from my mom”. As time went on and I researched and experienced a few things along the way. I realized that heredity may not always be the case as to why you have an adrenal or thyroid dysfunction. There may actually be some ROOT CAUSES of Adrenal and Thyroid Dysfunction and we need to start looking into that further.

The ROOT CAUSE of any illness is not the tip of the iceberg…it’s what’s down under the water that we’re missing. We need to look at it a bit further than just the symptoms. It’s what’s below the surface that needs to be addressed when it comes to Adrenal and Thyroid Dysfunction. Uncovering the root cause of any disease is the key to overall improved health and wellness.


I am going to briefly touch on the 5 root causes that lead to adrenal and thyroid dysfunction.


Let’s face it, we’re all a little bit stressed out these days. Did you know that 75% of ALL Americans have moderate to severe stress? 25% experience SEVERE STRESS and at least 43% of adults suffer adverse health effects due to stress.

We all know the feeling of stress: anxiety, pressure, overwhelm, irritability, frustration, anger and so on but, WHAT is stress really? It’s the physical, mental and emotional reactions we have when we have to carry more of a load than we’re able to bear. It affects your sleep, hormones, weight, and brain.

Believe it or not but this has a HUGE effect on whether or not you may have adrenal and thyroid dysfunction.


What you eat and what you don’t eat can profoundly affect your overall health. If we’re talking food triggers and the association with thyroid and adrenal dysfunction we can dive into the effects it may cause on your blood sugar, inflammatory response.

When you are intolerant or sensitive to certain foods we call this a trigger. These triggers can cause you to become chronically inflamed and it can stress the thyroid and adrenals.

Some may say gluten is the number one trigger food. There are a number of foods that may act as a chronic inflammatory trigger including corn, soy, nuts, nightshades (tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes eggplant), and yeast. This varies widely from person to person.

Eliminating these foods will greatly improve the function of one’s thyroid and adrenals.


Gut health is so important to our overall health. You may have heard the term LEAKY GUT or DYSBIOSIS in the past to describe a “not so healthy” gut.

LEAKY GUT means there is damage to your guts lining as a result of stress, certain medicines, environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, microbiome disruption and inflammatory food triggers. This causes your gut junctions to be loose and it then allows food particles, bacteria and other organisms and other waste products waiting in your gut to be eliminated to LEAK into your bloodstream. Let’s just say that inflammation troubles start here!

DYSBIOSIS means there’s trouble in the garden and there has been some disruption of your microbiome. Some causes of dysbiosis are stress, certain medications, ESPECIALLY ANTIBIOTICS and ANTACIDS, deficiencies of gut protective nutrients and a diet high in unhealthy carbs, sugars and bad quality fats.

A GUT IMBALANCE pretty much means things are a bit funked up in your intestines and could lead to serious adrenal and thyroid dysfunction.


This can range from things in the air to household cleaners to the products we use on a daily basis. Household cleaners, insecticides, body products, perfumes and lotions and even our cosmetics.

These environmental toxins then bind to our immune, nervous and endocrine system, especially the delicate tissues of our thyroid damaging its function. They cause some serious inflammation. Generally, our body is able to naturally detoxify through our liver and our gut…WHEN THEY ARE WORKING CORRECTLY.


What infection? This is most likely going to be some kind of bacterial infection that your immune system doesn’t quite recognize.  AKA CHRONIC INFECTIONS!! This stresses our immune system and can reduce our bodies ability to respond effectively to infection, altering its ability to keep infections contained.

You may have heard of EBV  (Epstein-Barr Virus) or CMV ( Cytomegalovirus). These are STEALTH INFECTIONS associated with MULTIPLE Autoimmune diseases, including RA, Sjogren’s Syndrome, MS, and lupus.

This stresses our immune system big time, which leads to stressed adrenals which leads to poor thyroid function. Finding out which of these 5 root causes may be affecting you personally will help you find a solution to the root cause of your adrenal thyroid dysfunction. It’s possible you may be able to turn your health around once these issues are addressed.

root causes of adrenal and thyroid dysfunction


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