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Hypothyroidism, My Story

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So as you remember from part one and part 2, I started with an overactive thyroid and then had radioactive iodine treatment which basically destroyed my thyroid and left me with an underactive thyroid to this day.

Once they got things under control, my levels have remained pretty stable over the years with the exception of ONE time a few years back when my levels came back off and they increased my dosage of Synthroid which then slightly sent my thyroid back into hyperactivity and I had a few crazy symptoms to boot.

I started having heart palpitations and shortness of breath which lead me to an irregular EKG, 48 Hour heart monitor, a thyroid scan and an echocardiogram all of which came back normal. The dosage of medication they gave me set things off so once they brought it back down things returned to normal over a few months or so.

I HIGHLY recommend staying on top of your levels and making sure you see an endocrinologist to treat you.

Things have calmed down and regulated ever since and I have had no symptoms. I now visit my doctor once a year unless anything comes up that I think may be due to my thyroid.

Take a listen to my video below for the full story.


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