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6 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Went On A Diet

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There are many things I wish I had known before I started to go on diets but I am going to share 6 important things I wish I had known before I went on a diet.

If someone only told me that I would not only lose my mind but that I’d also lose myself I don’t think I would have gone on or been looking for the “next diet”.

No one ever told me BUT I’m going to tell you

When I first went on a diet I didn’t know it would eventually turn into a vicious cycle of emotions, restrictions, body shaming, number counting and obsessing kind of relationship.

It led me to have an unhealthy relationship with food, my body, AND exercise. All the things that you would think would lead to being healthy led me in the complete opposite direction.

Yet, I still would return to the rollercoaster over and over again in hopes that THIS ONE would finally be THE ONE. It was partly because of my line of work. I felt I had to LOOK the part so I was pretty much doing all the wrong things to try to hit that expectation of fitting the part of “Fitness Instructor/ Personal Trainer”.



Looking the part isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be

After SEVERAL cycles of this insanity, it seemed that I was no longer myself. IT kind of knocked me off physically and mentally, of course, I was starting to LOOK the part but inside, I felt like shit! I had no energy, I was tired all the time, I was obsessing over my body and how it looked and I was NOT happy!.

I knew I couldn’t go on like this

I couldn’t keep up with the 1200 calorie rat race (WHO EVER SAID THAT WAS ENOUGH TO SUPPORT A GROWN WOMAN?). The insane workouts, 2 a days and such. I was done fighting with my body because it was certainly fighting against whatever I was doing.

I wanted to feel like myself again without the diet mentality. I wanted to be happy and confident in my body without the diet and exercise obsession. I lost who I was before all this diet BS came along.


What I wish someone would have told me about going on a diet

  • Your body will fight you every single time to get back to its normal weight!

Your body KNOWS what it’s supposed to weigh and what its comfy point is and it will fight you each time to get back there.

  • You’re killing your metabolism.

When you’re on a diet and off again, your metabolism will go up and down like a rollercoaster. It is constantly trying to adjust to all the changes and restrictions you are putting on it. You are basically confusing your metabolism and leaving it lost at to whether or not it is supposed to be fast or slow, however, it really KNOWS what it’s supposed to be doing. YOu’re just not giving it what it needs.

  • You won’t find weight loss in a magic pill, shake or fancy wrap or lotion.

Don’t drink your calories or swallow a magic pill that promises weight loss. Don’t be afraid to actually EAT REAL FOOD! There is no quick fix or magic potion.

  • It’s okay to be conscious of what you’re eating without going on a DIET

We have to eat to take care of our bodies not to make them smaller all the time. Smaller is not always better or healthy.

  • It’s okay to eat the cake

For real!! You should be able to eat without freaking out about gaining weight. We shouldn’t have to feel guilty for “Eating the cake”!

  • There are so many more productive things you can be doing with your time than counting and weighing every damn thing!!

So much time was wasted on the weighing, measuring and counting that I thought I would lose my mind. If I never have to count another calorie in my life, I’ll totally be okay!!



Still a work in progress.

This has taken me quite a while to learn and work through but over time I have learned a lot about health, self-love, and balance.

It’s still a work in progress. I’m still learning that it’s never going to be nor should it ever be about the latest quick fix 30, 60 or 90-day program. That’s a diet and I sure as hell do NOT want that emotional rollercoaster again.

We have to give ourselves the freedom from the diet rollercoaster. Trust that your body will find its happy place. Your health is what matters most, not the next quick fix promising you something unrealistic.

So there you have it. 6 things I wish someone had told me…and I just told you!


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