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10 Tips on Beginning Your Health and Fitness Journey.

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Tips as you begin your new health and fitness journey!!

Starting a new health and fitness journey can seem a bit overwhelming sometimes. I get it, the starting point is the most difficult and scariest. There is so much out there and you may be overwhelmed as to how to even get started.

The key is to plan it out. Write down your goals, plan out how you will execute them and set a date for a few milestones as you go along. It’s all about finding the right balance…YOUR balance and what works for you.



Here are some great tips to get you started and keep you going on your journey.

  •  Clear your cabinets out of all tempting sugary foods before you get started. If you can’t eat it responsibly, get rid of it and DON’T buy it again.
  •  Make your shopping list and check it twice. Planning ahead is key.
  •  Make your menu up for at least Monday-Thursday (then redo on Wed/Thurs thru the weekend)
  •  Eat the same foods for breakfast/snacks/lunch to help with the meal prep then just switch up dinners. I like to cook it once, eat it twice. Leftovers are a great thing!!
  •  Wash and cut fruits and veggies and portion them out ahead of time in the fridge.
  •  Have a few salads prepped to have a go-to meal or snack.
  •  Boil up some eggs to have as a snack on go or toss on a salad.
  •  Wash and cut your veggies so when you need to cook them at dinner.
  •  Post on social media for support/motivation/accountability!
  •  Find a workout buddy or an accountability group. It’s easier when you have a support system with the same goals as you.


Getting into this habit will prove to be GREAT for you and your family!!!



Making a commitment

If you’re at that point where you are ready to make some serious lifestyle changes but information overload has got you completely frozen, don’t worry, you’re not alone. This blog post is for you.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide that you are ready for change. If you are not fully committed to the process (and all the unknowns), you won’t reach your goals. Sometimes a little accountability is needed to give you the support and tools you need to keep moving forward.

Be 100% committed to YOU and making these changes and sticking to your goals, no matter what happens. You can do it!!


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