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#1 Thing to ditch from your diet right now

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What’s the #1 thing you need to ditch from your diet right now?

Do you know?






Processed Foods?

There are so many it could be. It’s very possible someone may have to avoid any of them from a nutritional standpoint.  I’m going to tell you what is at the top of the list in order for you to see that light at the end of the tunnel.



The one thing you need to ditch from your diet right now is…


Yep, that’s the number one thing! We stress over our food choices and being perfect with getting in the right measurements and not going over our calories. We are stressing over every little thing on our plates and it’s causing us to basically lose out sanity in a sense.

I’m all about sanity and sustainability if you’ve never heard me say that before. How sustainable is it when we stress over every little thing we eat? Seriously, our food choices are stressing us the EFF out!

We should be enjoying our food not stressing over it.



Stress and Hormones do not mix well

When we talk about stress, we’re going into another category and I’m going to call it hormones. The stress hormone, cortisol, gets slightly out of whack when it is overstressed. There are many other hormones and things that can be affected by stress, not to mention our hunger hormones. When they are messed up, we are not only stressing over food but we don’t really know if we are hungry or full.

Jacked up hormones can mess with our thyroid, immune system, glucose levels, gut health and much more. Is the stress worth it? Not so much in this case.

Stop stressing over food

So what is the connection to our diet with all of this stress? Well, our food choices and behaviors and how we think about food can be psychological stress. We end up looking at food in a negative way and end up eating who knows what and then that can lead to some serious feelings of guilt. This “THING” really needs to be ditched from our diets.

Is the way you’re managing food and nutrition causing you stress?  Are you micromanaging your plate and what you eat? Again, sanity and sustainability are what I preach when it comes to nutrition. I despise diets and do not use strict, stressful diets with my clients.

Maybe it’s not another meal plan or calorie count that you need.



Change your Approach with your Diet

I know we’ve all been under this diet mentality for years because it’s how society tells us we should be and it is heavily promoted…BUT…it’s time we change our approach. Of course, I’m still looking at the nutritional aspect of what we are eating but I am not talking about stressing over it all.

We need to approach our eating habits from a nutritional and health aspect and not so much the restrictive, stressful aspect. Changing up our mindset and realizing food is fuel and it shouldn’t be something that causes us stress.

If you are looking at food from a stressful aspect, it isn’t really supporting your overall health…Is it?

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