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The Truth About Your Thyroid and Weight Loss

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Thyroid and Weight Loss issues?

Are you doing all the things as far as diet and exercise BUT your flipping thyroid just keep you from seeing results?

Why this dieting thing may be making your thyroid worse.

It might be time to stop the insanity and get off the diet rollercoaster!!

Are You a Yo-Yo Dieter?



Have you ever gone on a diet only to go off of one…multiple times in your life? This can have us in a constant stage of aggravation AND if there is a thyroid issue involved, it can even have us more aggravated and confused.

These yo-yo diets have us losing weight only to gain it again in 6 months or so. When this happens over and over again, it can not only cause hormonal issues BUT it can REALLY give our thyroid issues a run for their money.

Roughly over 70% of us that go on these diets regain at least 10 pounds of what we lost over time…some go through this cycle 20 or more times in their life. All this stress on our minds and bodies needs to stop.



It’s All Hormonal

I’m sure you’ve heard all about hormones and your thyroid…or have you? This yo-yo dieting places stress on our hormones, especially the ones involved in making sure your thyroid is working correctly.

Your thyroid plays an important role in your metabolic function and with yo-yo diets and/or calorie restriction it reduces the active thyroid hormones. It reduces the FREE T3 levels, which in turn, lowers your metabolism. T3 is pretty much in charge of every cell and function in the body; brain function, bowel movements, energy levels and more. THESE are common signs and symptoms of low thyroid.

Calorie restriction reduces the T4 to T3 conversion slowing our metabolism and making weight loss more difficult each time we “go on a diet” and “fall off the wagon“.



Address Chronic Dieting

So what do we do in this situation? We have to first address this chronic dieting. It’s a vicious cycle and it is causing us more harm than good. We need to start giving our bodies what they need and they will start doing what they are supposed to.

Did you know our bodies actually know what they are supposed to weigh? Sounds crazy but there’s an actual range where our bodies function optimally and this is our body set point. This setpoint has a lot to do with a number of factors such as hormones, neurotransmitters, gut health and much more. Without getting too scientific and technical, I dive a little deeper into this in my Balance 360 Program. 



Work with Your Body

It’s time we start working WITH our bodies and not against them. This on again off again diet thing is NOt doing us any good. It plays tricks on our minds not to mention what it does to our overall health.

I feel like we’re in this world where we think smaller is better when it comes to our size and the number on the scale. Don’t let that be the indicator of your health…your weight and the size of your pants is NOT the sole indicator of your health! There are so many other factors.


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