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Episode # 159 Top 5 Fitness and Nutrition Trends That NEED TO GO!

Episode # 159 Top 5 Fitness and Nutrition Trends That NEED TO GO!

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In this episode, I’m about to tear apart a few of the “fancy” fitness and nutrition trends that NEED TO GO!!! I know, this might ruffle some feathers but I’m totally okay with that.

There is so much out there these days and all the trendy programs can actually be a little on the UNHEALTHY side and I just feel that needs to be out there in the open so people can understand FULLY and then make their choices based on that and not on the fact that “everyone” is out there doing it.

I know I know…you saw some awesome results from some of these I am about to talk about. I’m not discrediting your hard work at all. If it works for you, keep doing what you’re doing.

Most of these “Trends” are not sustainable and you will not see LONG TERM results. Sure, you’ll initially see results but they more than likely will NOT stick and each time you will find it harder and harder to maintain and I’ll be telling you exactly WHY in this podcast.


I discussed a bit about before and after photos as I am not a huge fan of those either and here’s why 

Are you Sabotaging Your Results with Before and After Pictures?

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