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Let’s Talk About Your Weight

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Let’s Talk about your weight. Your weight is just a number that tells you how much the combined tissues in your body weigh– but it doesn’t tell you the far more important thing, which is what those tissues are actually composed of( muscle and fat, oh and your bones too) . That little number on the scale says nothing about your body composition, NOR does it define you as a person.

Muscle and fat are WAAY different.  A pound of fat and a pound of muscle weigh exactly the same thing, but they take up very different amounts of space in your body. A pound IS a pound, it’s just about the shape and form it takes in your body. Muscle is LEAN and takes up a lot less space than fat does.

So if you have maybe just started a workout program and you have been adding muscle to your body, you may notice the scale isn’t changing. This is TOTALLY okay. You are turning your body into a lean muscle fat burning machine.

Don’t freak if you don’t see the scale move, you won’t go dropping 20 pounds in the first 2 weeks if you’re working out consistently and fueling your body properly. This change takes time. This is the healthiest and most sustainable way to change your body. When you combine that approach with an exercise program like the ones I create, you accelerate your results massively.



Remember this:

Don’t get discouraged because you feel like you’re not losing enough weight fast enough, it takes time trust the process.

Don’t go comparing your results  to other people’s, everyone is at a different pace and point in their journey. Compare YOU to YOU!

Don’t go switching programs or jumping on the next QUICK FIX train because your not seeing results as fast as you’d like to see them. Give your body enough time to adjust and you’ll start to see and FEEL the changes.

Don’t stress about the results you are expecting and how fast you THINK they should be happening. This causes your stress hormones (CORTISOL) to rise, which promotes storage of more belly fat, decreases our ability to get good rest (another way to pack on more fat), and decreases quality of life and life enjoyment.

So….if this is you, or has ever been you, what I want you to know is that YOUR body is on its own schedule, give it time and be patient. It’s changing. Every choice you make in the right direction, will create a chain reaction that will get you to where you’re going. Don’t give up.

Remember that you may be dealing with a fatigued system, a system that has been inflamed for a while, a system with some hormone imbalances, a system that’s been under a roller coaster of imbalances for possibly years jacking up your metabolism, screwing up your hormones and putting you in a constant state of fat storing.

You can’t expect a gianormous change over night.

That’s why it’s important to be patient, pace yourself and trust the process.  You need to take the time to LEARN what will help you make and stick to the kind of changes that are needed to produce SUSTAINABLE, long lasting results.

If you’re eating the right foods and following a HEALTHY meal plan for optimizing your intake of the RIGHT nutrients, you cannot go wrong here. But you’re not going to drop 20 pounds overnight. You didn’t GAIN it overnight, right? Let your body do its thing, and support it along the way.

To see the best result on the outside, get engaged with what’s going on on the inside of your body.

If you’re picking up what I just put down the be sure to check out my Health and Fitness VIP Membership where we put ALL of this information together to get you the best results possible for a healthy more fulfilling life.

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