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Do You Ever Get The Feeling Like Something In Your Life Is Missing?

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Do you ever get the feeling like something in your life is missing?



Like some crucial piece of your life’s puzzle is missing?

This missing piece, or obstruction, stands between you and your path, preventing you from ever fully feeling confident, content and balanced in life.


So what IS missing? 

  • Health? 
  • Nutrition? 
  • Relationships? 
  • Work/Life Balance? 

Let’s talk a little more about what might be missing from your puzzle and WHY it is so important to put the pieces together.



While diet and exercise contribute to our overall health and wellness, they are NOT the be all end all. There’s much more to it, it’s much bigger than that. There are many different puzzle pieces and they go beyond just eating right and being active.

 There is something missing. As a whole, we’re not getting healthier

I’m about to dive into what I believe are the 4 most important puzzle pieces for you to have an overall balance in life. 


I’ll say this one is quite important because we all know our thoughts become our actions and our actions become our lives. When you have a negative mindset, you’ll find that you think things just never go right and they pretty much never will with that kind of attitude.

How’s your mindset? What kind of outlook do you have on life? Are you a negative Nancy? Are you taking the time to see the positive side of things? It’s all up to you HOW you handle the things that happen to you and your thoughts about it all will lead your actions and your life.

A positive mindset will take you much further in life than a negative one.


What you eat and the feelings towards what you eat IS HUGE!! I’ve been there and done the whole STRESS over my food and what I eat and how much I eat thing. It’s no fun.

I’m also not just talking about the food that goes on your plate. What are you feeding your mind, body, and spirit? Negative thoughts, poor quality food OR are you nourishing it? It’s so important to nourish not only your body but, your mind and soul.





How active are you in life? I’m not just talking about going to the gym here. Your physical wellness is important from not only an exercise point of view but also a MOVEMENT point of view. Are you physically able to MOVE? Do you have a social life? What kind of activities are you including in your day to day life that has you improving yourself?

Are you taking care of yourself? I believe the act of self-care falls into this category, yet so many of us suffer in this area.


What kind of support do you have? Do you have friends who lift you up or do they bring you down? Having healthy relationships is so important in life. You need friends who are there for you, like-minded people who are in your corner.

The relationships you have and the support that comes with them has a LOT to do with your overall health. having the right support in your corner is key when it comes to the puzzle pieces in life.




Whatever you feel are the most important puzzle pieces in your overall health and wellness is up to you. There are a few different ones I feel need to connect in order for things to balance out in life. Be sure your pieces fit together nicely and they align with your goals in life.

An individual cannot achieve optimal wellness and happiness without these puzzle pieces connected and in harmony.


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