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How to Deal with Negative Body Issues Episode 1; Love the Body You Have

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Most of us have a few things that we would like to change about our bodies. It’s pretty much the normal around these parts. We focus a lot on our appearances and forget to be easy on ourselves when it comes to our body image. We are our own worst critics and we focus on what flaws we think we have that others may not even notice. We obsess too much on how we THINK we should look instead of obsessing on being comfortable in our own skin.

I know about body image issues all too well. I can’t really pin point how or why I have issues. I remember in high school, I thought I was “Fat” and I didn’t like my stomach so I drank slim fast. At 14 years old! WHY? I have no clue, I certainly was NOT overweight. I was VERY conscious of my stomach so I thought I needed to do something. I was comparing myself to my friends who didn’t appear to have a pooch like I did. Somewhere along the way, I quit focusing on that and the issues went away, for a while.

I have many issues I deal with now, which I refuse to draw light to because it’s time we stop thinking about all the negative things we think about ourselves and stop letting our minds bully our bodies and it’s time to be comfortable being US in our own skin!! I had to realize that I was in the best body for ME!.

WE are so busy comparing ourselves to others when we should be loving ourselves for who we are. It’s time to be comfortable being you. Time to spend time focusing our awareness on what we LOVE about our bodies.

Don’t let the scale define you, don’t let a size on a tag define you. It’s not about a look, it’s about a feeling. How you feel about your body is so much more important than a look. It’s great to feel good about how you look but focusing all of your attention on the way you look by obsessing over it is NOT healthy.


When you improve how you feel about your body, it does so much for your self esteem. We need to overpower the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Focus your time and energy on appreciating what your body can do for you. Write down 8 to 10 things you like about yourself; things not related to weight or what you look like. Read the list often as a reminder to become more aware of the things you like about yourself.

Just making a few minor daily changes will leave you feeling a lot better about your body and who you are.

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