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5 Daily Practices For Learning To Love Your Body

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Do you love your body?

It’s actually okay if you don’t find yourself loving your body every day. I think it is more of a body acceptance type mindset that will have us feeling better about ourselves.

You are not alone…

So many people have issues with their bodies. We all suffer with body issues now and then, I know I sure do.  I used to workout all day long, eat right and put in the hard work. It seemed I was still not happy with my body.

Not every day is going to be a good day…and that’s okay

I go through all the motions of life, hating the way I look at times because my clothes don’t fit the way they used to or I just don’t feel right in certain clothes.  It’s not that I want to be perfect, I know that is pretty much nonexistent. I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

Somewhere along the way, I lost that feeling and was very unhappy. I had to realize that happiness does not come in a body shape, it comes from within. So I had to find some way to become happy with myself again and feel good about myself. I didn’t want to take this issue too far that I would forget about the whole health issue of why I workout and eat right. It’s not about the body, it’s about ME living a healthy and fulfilling life.




I had to dig a little deeper

I decided it was time to look deeper at the issue and work on starting to love myself as I was and loving my body for what it does for me. I had to realize that until I was right from the inside, I would never feel right on the outside no matter what I did. So I decided to start working on treating my body with more love.  I was tired of stressing over trying to look a certain way. Instead, I decided to love my body for simply existing. That’s exactly why I created an awesome self love course and I want to share it with you. >>>>click here to learn more<<<<<

Here is what I have started practicing daily to help me overcome the body image issues I have:

1. Let Go…

I had to learn to let go of whatever image I had in my head of what I thought I should look like or what I used to look like. I know I am way healthier and in better shape than I was back when I was a smaller size or weighed less. I had to let go of the fact that loving my body had nothing to do with what size I was. This was really holding me back from moving forward to reaching optimal self-acceptance and loving who I am, right here and right now.

2. Stop Comparing to others….

We’ve all done it. we’ve looked at other women and wished we looked like them or had a body like theirs.  I had to realize that I was me and they were themselves.  I had to stop feeling bad about it all and remember that I am fine just the way I am. Comparing myself to others only made me focus on the negative, when there’s SO much to be grateful for.

3. Respect and Honor…

It was time I decided to respect my body and physique. It’s who I am and it was time I quit pointing out my flaws. This was the body I was blessed with and I had to learn to love it for what it is and what it does for me every day.

4. Remember How I am HEALTHY….

I had to quit aiming for unrealistic or unattainable goals because doing so was not healthy for me. I want to love my body and keep it healthy.

5. Create a Self-Love Ritual…

I know it sounds crazy but I works. I had to  stop taking my body for granted and take advantage of how blessed I am while showering myself with gratitude as a daily ritual. Whether it be taking a hot bath, meditating, practicing yoga or just writing in a journal that you ARE awesome, it;s something you have to take a few minutes each day and do.

I found that when I quit focusing so much on disliking my body and how it looked and started focusing more on how to love my body and appreciate it, everything else fell into place.

Remember, we’re all human and we need to allow ourselves to be happy with our bodies. Happiness is not a body shape, it’s what’s inside that matters. When we love ourselves from the inside out, everything will come into place.



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