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4 Reasons Why before and After Pictures are Bull Shit

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I’m calling BS on before and after pictures!

I cannot tell you how many before pictures I have taken over the years only to end up being pissed off in the end. I do NOT have one single after picture because I did NOT see any difference. At least, nothing I THOUGHT was different in the before versus after photo.

I feel like every damn before/after picture out there sucks people into believing that they will see that kind of results.  Well, let me drop a little truth bomb here…you may not see those results and here’s why…




4 Reasons Why Before and After Pictures are Bull Shit

  • They tell you nothing about your health.

Just because you have rock hard abs or a high and tight butt does NOT mean you are healthy. Your health is so much more than a look.

  • After pictures do NOT always equal confidence

Having a lower body fat % or becoming smaller does not always equal confidence. You certainly won’t find confidence in a smaller size, it’s way deeper than that. You should be able to feel happy and confident at any size.

  • The after picture doesn’t mean long term sustainability

It’s possible that to remain the “after” you would have to be on a life long “diet’ and we all know they do NOT work and are not sustainable.

  • It’s not always about going on a damn diet

Before and afters are not te be all end all to life. Seriously, it’s not always about the weight loss so why in the world would you need a before and after?




You can be happy, healthy and confident without ever taking a before or after picture. You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes of a before and after picture so stop wishing you could get those results. What goes on between those 2 pictures could be a far cry from health.




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