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Weight Loss and Fitness For Beginners: How to Stay Motivated

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Staying motivated when first starting a new fitness routine can sometimes be difficult. There are many changed and adjustments that need to be made. If you’re starting a new weight loss program and fitness routine, it can be overwhelming. Sometimes it seems easier to just give up on it. But that’s not going to be you!!

Your attitude about losing weight is the difference between success and failure. Stay Positive and believe in yourself. You CAN do this. If you follow these top 5 motivation tips for weight loss and fitness. 



1) Write down your reasons for wanting to lose weight and get healthy.

What goals are helping you stay motivated to lose weight? Why do you REALLY want to lose weight? What are your motivations for wanting to improve yourself? Is it because you want to reduce your risk of health problems later in life? Do you want to be able to play with your kids without getting tired? Write down why you want to lose weight and revisit these goals and motivations every week.

2) Create a Routine

Be sure to create a daily routine as to when you’ll workout, put it in your schedule. Be sure to set up a good meal plan and make healthy eating part of your routine, planning ahead with your meals is key.

3.) Don’t Focus on the Scale so Much

Don’t focus on the numbers on the scale. The scale doesn’t define you, it’s just a number. Be sure to keep track of measurements other than the scale. How do you clothes fit? How many inches have you lost? How much better do you feel? Do you feel stronger?

These new habits are all about learning and becoming healthier in the long run. It’s about

4.) Be Patient

There may be some days when the pounds don’t come off as fast as you want it can be hurt your motivations to keep going. Be patient. Things are definitely happening in your body that might not show up on a scale. It takes time, trust the process. You’ll get there, just keep going. 

5.) Recommit to yourself EVERY Week

Each new week, renew your commitment to yourself and your new healthy routine. . Do this, and you’ll control your eating week by week, with a strategy that’ll guarantee success. Revisit your WHY and remind yourself that you are doing an amazing thing for your health, mind and body. 

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How are you staying motivated to your fitness and weight loss?

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