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Sciatic Nerve Pain

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Well, I’m here to give you all a little update on the status of my lower back pain. It seems as thought my sciatic nerve has decided to give me a little pain.

As most .of you know, I had some pretty painful issues in my lower back last November. I had done a full series on my diagnosis and therapy which you can read up on by clicking HERE.

So where am I at today? Well, shortly after that series i started having pain on the RIGHT side of my lower back and down my leg. In the beginning the doctor tried to work through it all with therapy and exercises that would/should have relieved my pain. Over time, it wasn’t responding quite the way we had liked so ultimately, an injection was required to help thins along.

2 weeks after the injection things were feeling about 70% less painful yet I was still feeling a bit of numbness and slight pain on and off. Again, I was not responding to therapy the way we would like to be seeing.



Upon my 2 week check up at the pain clinic I was offered 2 options to help with the pain that was still there. Double my dosage of pain meds, which I was not really taking, or have a second injection. Since I am not one to live it up on pain killers, I decided to go with option number 2 in hopes that it would bring me to 100% pain free living.

So my injection is scheduled and I am all set to arrive at 8:45 this morning. I have been fully prepped that this may OR may not work and I know what my options are at this point if it should happen to not do the trick. I am staying positively optimistic though and I believe this injection will give me the relief I am looking for and we can continue with therapy.

I am hoping for the best yet in the back of my mind, I am preparing myself for the worst, which would be surgery. It’s not something I am at all happy about, but it is something I may have to face because I am getting to the end of exhausting all of my options.

I will not go down without a fight, nor will I agree to go through with surgery until I have spoken to and feel 1 million percent comfortable with a surgeon.

What I do know is that I NEED to be able to return to my daily activities without pain and in roughly 3 to 4 weeks, we will know more about it all. Until then, I keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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