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Episode # 147 5 Myths About Calories That Could Be Preventing You From Losing Weight

Episode # 147 5 Myths About Calories That Could Be Preventing You From Losing Weight

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In this episode, I’m going to be talking about 5 myths about calories that could be preventing you from losing weight. 

Can I just say that IF it were as “Easy” as calories in/calories out we’d all be at our ideal weight and NO ONE would EVER need to go on a diet again!! 

If you’ve been trying to lose weight and are anything like I used to be when it comes to what you put in your mouth, you’re probably overwhelmed with calories — from checking food labels for them to counting them to figuring out how many you need to stick to in order to see the numbers on the scale budge. How bad of a life suck is that??

I get it, the weight-loss concept of burning more calories than you take in each day sounds simple enough, but calories are still fairly misunderstood by the average person. There is so much information and misinformation out there how can we know what is REALLY true??

Let’s talk about these myths. Shall we? 

  • MYTH 1: A Calorie is a Calorie: A 50-calorie apple breaks down the same way in the body as a 50-calorie of OREO’S, right? Not exactly.
  • Myth 2: You Burn Most of Your Calories During Exercise: Exercise pretty much accounts for 5% of your calorie burn. 
  • Myth 3: Some Foods Have Negative Calories: EVERY food has some calorie value
  • Myth 4: Burning 3500 Calories Makes You Lose a Pound of Fat: There are MANY other factors that help determine how one loses fat. 
  • Myth 5: Counting calories is The BEST Way to Lose Weight: I can slightly agree calorie counting can be an effective way to lose weight. But it’s not the ​only​ way…nor is it the BEST way. 

While this may be a tried and “true” approach that so many have been using for years with each diet they go on what matters more is that you take an individualized approach to weight loss and consider your needs and what will work best for you. 


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