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I couldn’t help but notice all the #metoo hashtags that were out there on social media the other day. I had seen many posts that were near and dear to my heart. But here’s my issue..What’s next?

Don’t let it end with just the hashtag post. Take a stand and be brave, don’t let the hashtag define you and feel like you have to be a victim. Be a victor, it starts with you. Don’t let a hashtag define you. Get out there and make a difference and make a change out there.

Get out there and take what has happened to you and turn it into something that can help other people, EVEN if it’s just one person.

Take look at the video below to see exactly what I am talking about and my exact thoughts on it all.




Now that you have had a chance to hear my thoughts, I do hope that you can understand where I’m coming from. I wouldn’t consider myself someone who needed to hashtag the ”

I wouldn’t consider myself someone who needed to hashtag the “metoo” status. I, myself, have never been physically assaulted┬áby anyone, I mean, maybe there was a young guy in high school that tried a thing or two and I put him in his place. There have been some things said to me that didn’t quite ring too well in my ears by a guy here or there through my life but again…I stood my ground and shut them up pretty quickly. Did I feel offended? Maybe a few times but I didn’t let that become who I am and neither should you.

That’s what has to be done. We have to SHUT THEM DOWN by taking a stand and being brave. Don’t let it end with the hashtag. You can make a huge difference by continuing to take a stand.

You are brave, you are important, you matter and you are a survivor.

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