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Lower Back Pain Episode 3: My Story, Part 2

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Lower Back Pain

So as I discussed in Episode 2, I would be heading to the doctor today and taking you all along with me for the visit.

I allowed Dr. Del Real to discuss my medical case with all of you as I asked him some quick questions on my condition and where I first started and where I am today.

Remember, when I first started seeing him, I could hardly walk straight and was in a LOT of pain. Since then, my pain is about 98% gone and I am starting to be able to do daily activities without pain. Let me tell you, it’s a GREAT feeling. From where I was to where I am today is a HUGE difference.

As I said in Episode 2, I was actually doing stretches that were WORSENING my pain, unknown to me until I visited Dr. Del Real. As he says in the video, when I would flex ( bend forward) in any way, I was provoking more pain. I had no idea I was doing anything wrong until I saw him. I thought I was helping by stretching out the way I was, little did I know. It was causing the pain to travel down my leg and everything.


My therapy then would start with extension exercises (on my stomach pushing up on my elbows) along with many type of spine loading and breathing exercises as time went on. These exercises were SPECIFIC to my condition, which saved me big time from what I originally thought was helping in the first place.

Over time, we were able to introduce flexion VERY SLOWLY. I can happily say, that it doesn’t hurt anymore to touch my toes.

See, not ALL exercises are GOOD for everyone’s conditions in this case and I was doing the wrong ones.

Dr. Del Real ASSESSED my situation and showed me how to reduce my symptoms and maintain that reduction of symptoms. We are now moving through the recovery of function stage where we are reintroducing things that once provoked my pain, WITHOUT PAIN ( Say What? YES! No PAIN!!) And now, we’re headed into the preventative step where I start working on my core strength so I can MAINTAIN this pain free stage of my life. AMEN to that one right there.

Friends, this took me through a 3 month journey so far. It didn’t happen overnight and it has been a VERY EDUCATIONAL journey. I have learned so much on how to properly take care of my spine along with many other things I thought were helping me but actually weren’t. I will be forever thankful to Dr. Del Real for his time and help. I look forward to continuing to be pain free and opening this aspect up to others who have similar issues.

Stay tuned for the next episode, I’l be showing you a few of my simple little exercises the doctor has shown me and talk to you about the breathing exercises Dr. Del Real talks about in the video.



Below is a copy of the picture that Dr. Del Real holds up in the video as he talks about the centralization of the pain. I am happy to say that I am now in the GOOD category!!


To find out more about Dr. Del Real..Please visit his web site by clicking here >>>> back and joint center <<<<

You can also read up on the McKenzie Method by clicking here >> <<

This is the diagnosis therapy the doctor uses on me.

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