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How to Get Your Body into Ketosis

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Most people fail to reach ketosis because they either too many carbs, too much protein OR not ENOUGH FAT! I’m sure you’ve been hearing all about the ketogenic diet lately. So how do you get your body into ketosis?¬†

So let’s discuss those things and figure it all out.

First things first. CARBS!!

You have to find your Carbohydrate tolerance level, which is different for everyone. Some people can get away with having as many as 100 grams of carbs a day while others may have to go down to as little as 20 grams. It depends on a few factors, age, weight, activity level, and how sensitive you are to glucose.

Someone who is either young and/or active may be able to have a higher amount of carbs a day that someone who is overweight and/or diabetic.

You’ll have to figure out your carb tolerance through a bit of personal experimentation. Generally, it is about 5% to 10% dailywith a ketogenic diet.

Starting with 20g. of carbs a day is a good starting point. When I say carbs, I mean ALL CARBS, not just the net carbs a food has. You should be getting your source of carbs thronon-starchyrchy vegetables and steer clear of ANY and ALL types of SUGAR!!

After about 2 weeks you can retest your keto levels and you may be able to add a few more daily.



Next, we nail down your PROTEIN intake.

This should be roughly 140g. a day or 15%. Too many and your body will MAKE CARBS from the protein you eat and raise your glucose levels pushing you right out of ketosis.

WAIT? WHAT? My body can produce CARBS from the PROTEIN I eat? YES!. Your body goes through a process called, gluconeogenesis. This allows your body to make ITS OWN CARBS from the protein you consume, so that you DON’T have to consume any.

This pretty much explains WHY carbs are NOT an essential nutrient. If you remember from episode 1 ( what is KETOSIS) I explained that the term ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT means a nutrient that CANNOT be made by the body and therefore MUST be consumed for the body to function properly. SO, if carbs can be made by our OWN bodies, we really do NOT need to EAT THEM!!

So, NOW lets talk about the GOOD STUFF.

I know, it goes against EVERYTHING we have learned in the past. We have been told a million times over to STAY AWAY form high fat diets. Especially saturated fats.  This is not really true, if I do say so myself.

I have a friend who was recommended to eat a ketogenic diet by a CARDIOLOGIST and she has lost over 30 pounds in just under 3 months. But, fat causes heart disease…OR does it!??!

You want to be sure you ARE eating the FAT, I mean ALL the fat when you want to get into ketosis. About 75% to 85% of your diet should consist of FAT on a daily basis. The more you eat, the faster you’ll get into ketosis. I’m talking butter (REAL BUTTER) Coconut oil, ghee and many more. These fat readily convert into ketones which will speed up the process of ketosis.

Fat primes your metabolic engine. You’ll be a fat burning machine. When you switch from using sugar as your main source of energy to using fat, you have more mental clarity and energy.

If you’re looking to do a little research of your own on the keotgenic diet, I highly recommend reading Keto Clarity.

If you’re looking to learn more about the ketogenic diet, check out my 30 Day Keto Experiment Course: CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW

Keto Diet Benefits

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