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It’s Time to Change Your Mindset

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It might be time to change your mindset! 

Your mindset is the established set of attitudes you hold. They can either be negative or positive based on our life experiences, our environment, our education and the ideas and beliefs we have absorbed from those people we have interacted with the most in our lives. It’s the little voice in our head that sets the tone for our attitudes. Depending on whether your inner voice is based on a positive empowering mindset or a negative limiting one, will largely determine how you will interpret challenges, setbacks and criticisms in life as well as contributing significantly to the actual outcomes and results you create.

Here are some signs that it might be time for a little mindset adjustment:


  1. You’re constantly focusing on what’s wrong.

You’re too busy focusing on the negative and what’s going wrong in your life that you fail to see any little thing that IS actually going in the right direction for you. This, right here, is a sure sign that you need a little attitude adjustment.

2. You don’t want to face the truth. ( maybe it IS you)

You complain about every little thing that someone else is doing wrong and blame that on WHY everything is going wrong. You can complain about it until the sun comes out BUT if you do NOTHING to change it, nothing changes. Look in the mirror and start with YOU. Complaining about someone else and blaming it on them is refusal to see the truth. You cannot control someone else BUT you CAN control your actions. Take actions and change the things you are in control of. (YOURSELF)

3. You feel unhappy and unsatisfied with everything you have ( or don’t have)

Be happy with what you DO have and be proud you have worked hard to earn it. Don’t compare yourself to others and what they have. Learn to just be satisfied. You’re so busy wanting more that you don’t even take a minute to appreciate what you already have.

4. You hold on to the dramas of other people

You are too wrapped up in other peoples business that you aren’t focusing on your own life. Don’t consume yourself with other peoples dramas. This is where a little facing the truth comes in again. It’s easier to forget what you need to fix about yourself when you’re all wrapped up in someone elses drama.

5. You see yourself as a victim

You have a “poor me” attitude. Constantly viewing yourself as the victim does not empower you to change or build a better life for yourself.Start today by making a decision to become a victor not a victim and start creating something better. You deserve it!

No one wants to be around a Negative Nelly. Changing your mindset is not easy—but it is one of the most powerful things you can do. Learning how to recognize a negative mindset is the first step. Once you do, you will be empowered to make those changes and start noticing the positive in your life.

I hope you have found value in this blog. It’s my hope that you are able to change your mindset to a positive and empowering one and live a fulfilling life. Doing this can often turn your entire life around!




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