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How to Get to The Root Cause Of Illness and Disease

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How do we really get to the root cause of illness and disease? Is even possible? I’m about to tell you it is. You may not believe me but that’s okay. I just ask that you take a peek at the video and read what I am about to type out below.

It’s Like a Tack

If you had a tack stuck in your foot what would you do? Would you take some anti-inflammatories or aspirin and call it a day? Maybe you’d head to the doctor and get an antibiotic or get a tetanus shot to make sure there wouldn’t be an infection. Perhaps you’d just put a band-aid on it and call it a day. Wait? What? Put a band-aid OVER a tack?

The Band-Aid Fix

That band-aid will only treat the symptoms. Clearly, if you just covered up the tack you’d still feel pain and then possibly end up with a serious infection. I’m thinking you’d take that tack out of your foot in order to not feel the pain anymore.

A band-aid fix is just a cover-up to mask the symptoms. That band-aid may be a shot or a pill or an ointment or whatever your doctor is telling you to use. In reality, it may only be a short fix to cover up the symptoms for a while.

You Can’t Always See It

You can surely see the tack sticking out of your foot. It’s right there staring you in the face. The tack is the ROOT CAUSE of the pain and inflammation you are feeling. It’s easy to treat the root cause when we see it.

Sometimes it’s not always seen that easily and it may not be treated properly. If not treated properly the tack would cause bigger issues, just like certain illnesses and diseases. We don’t always know the true cause but we are always treated for the symptoms. Only treating the symptoms will then cause more issues down the road.

This is why it is so important to have a doctor who works FOR you and with you. Getting to the root cause of any illness can totally change your life. We have to look beyond the surface and discover what our bodies are trying to reveal.

Finding the Root Cause

Finding the root cause may mean going beyond the symptoms and what is on the surface. It may require going back years in your medical history and digging deep into things with a more functional approach.

In this video below, I explain a little more of what I am talking about in relation to the tack and chronic illnesses.




Band-Aid solutions are not really a solution at all. They are only treating the symptoms, not the real cause. This is only a hasty solution that covers up the symptoms but does little or nothing to mitigate the underlying problem.


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