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The Hidden Secret to Weight Loss

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Is there really a hidden secret to weight loss? I mean we’ve been told for years to move more and eat less. We hear it from our doctors, the media and of course in magazines.

Let me ask you: How’s that working for you?

Is it really a calorie in/calorie, energy in/energy out thing? Is what we don’t spend in energy stored? I mean it makes sense. Doesn’t it?


The problem is, this doesn’t tell the whole story of WHY people gain weight nor does it really tell us HOW to lose weight. This way of thinking may be outdated.

You may be missing out the fact that your weight and your health are dependent on much more than how many calories you are consuming. IF weight and health were about the calories you consume, you could eat a box of donuts and drink a gallon of chocolate milk and hit your 1800 calories for the day and stay fit and be healthy. We all know that isn’t quite the case.

The food you eat has a greater influence on your body that just the amount of energy it provides you. I mean, of course, most of us could probably afford to eat a little less to lose weight BUT, the QUALITY of calories you consume is way more important in the long run.



You can go on the newest fad diet and lose some weight, drop a few pants sizes BUT, without altering your lifestyle and eating habits in a way that enhances the quality of your OVERALL life, you’re pretty much doomed to fail. It’s the sad truth friends.

We’ve all been guilt of yo-yo dieting a time or two and look what happens. over time, this makes it even more difficult for you to lose weight and ultimately keep it off in a healthy manner. It messes with your metabolism, your hormones not to mention a whole slew of things on the inside of your body. Insulin resistance, exhaustion, inflammation (yes I said that), belly fat, and then lead to FURTHER WEIGHT GAIN!!

These factors have a far more profound impact LONG TERM on your weight loss results than you may realize right now. When you can find a balance with all of this you will see that your weight tends to drop off more easily and your results will last longer.

So what is the key to finding the balance? It all lies right in your GUT!! Your gut microbiome had a HUGE impact on your weight, your health and your quality of life. When you can find your individual balance, you will find it leads to better health and optimal weight.



This is exactly what I am doing with my Health and Wellness Coaching.

You’ll learn to improve your health and wellness by simplifying your life, finding balance and improving your overall physical and emotional well being.

I evaluate your current health status, strengths, and wellness. you’ll be guided on a course of action to obtain your goals and you’ll be provided ongoing evaluation and assessment of your individual progress. We start from the inside and work out way out.

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