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How Food Affects You and Your Overall Health

how food affects you

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The food we eat plays a pretty big role in our lives. For the past 5 months, I have been working seeing how the food I eat affects my health, the way I feel and many other aspects. I have been working on eliminating certain foods and adding adaptogenic supplements to my diet.

Why in the world would I do something so crazy? First off, I have a thyroid issue (hypothyroidism) and I have been doing a LOT of research on how certain foods can affect thyroid levels and so much more with our overall health. I even started a group to work with others on eliminating certain foods to find their triggers.

I have been eliminating things like gluten, certain carbs, sugars, and artificial ingredients. WHY? Because these foods can cause inflammation, weight gain, allergies, emotional issues, lethargy, insomnia not to mention many other health relates issues.


How food affects you


With Christmas just ending I felt the need to fill you all in on few things you may not notice about your health if you are regularly eating these foods. Over the past few days with all the parties I ate quite a few things that I had previously eliminated from my diet. Here’s what happened: Nausea, upset stomach, heartburn, constipation, bloating, itchy skin, sinus headache, stiff joints. Coincidence? I think not!! Up until this point, I would NEVER have thought food could do such a thing to us. I’m pretty sure I’m living proof of it right here.

Did I eat too much? I’m betting, if we’re counting calories, I ate less than I do on average. It’s not the QUANTITY here, it’s the QUALITY of the food!!

I’m not asking you to believe me. I’m asking you to take a few minutes here and think. Is what you’re eating causing you to feel like I stated above? Do you have stomach issues? Reflux? GERD? Constipation? IBS? Do you have inflammatory illnesses? Chronic pain? Stiff Joints? Allergies? Arthritis? Do you have autoimmune issues? Hoshimotos? Hypothyroid? MS? RA? Thyroid disease? If you have any of these issues I highly recommend you do the homework and look into what I am talking about here.

The next time you run to the doctor for that ant-acid, anti-inflammatory, painkiller, anti-biotic. THINK TWICE about it. Is it the food you are eating and can you reverse it by eliminating certain foods from your diet? The answer may well be YES! Based on what I’ve been researching AND experiencing over the past few months, I beg you to do the same. Do your homework.


How food affects you


I honestly could go on all day about this but I leave the educating to my groups to those who are wanting to learn more. With everything I have learned, I can’t NOT share it with others. I know most won’t have an open enough mind to even think twice after reading this and that’s okay.

One thing I know though, I have seen many people reverse serious illnesses by eliminating certain foods and adding supplements, myself included. I owed it to myself and my health to take a shot at it all. I’m glad I did and now, it’s my goal to reach as many people as I can with this and help them find their balance with their health and wellness.

I would love to talk more to any of you who would be interested in learning with an open mind. Feel free to message me or comment on any questions you may have. I’d love to hear from you.

At the end of the day, your health is relying on YOU to do the homework and research!!


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