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Diabesity…What the heck is it?

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What is diabesity?

It’s pretty much an epidemic. It is a mixture in a sense, of diabetes and obesity. ONE IN EVERY 2 HAVE IT!! I have news for you and you may be surprised to hear this BUT it is 100% reversible. This is Type 2 Diabetes, my friends.

Do me a favor and take 10 minutes out of your busy life and watch this video.



I’m sure if you watched the whole video, you got my take on it all and WHY I am so passionate about getting the word out there. Since recording that video I found out another family member was recently diagnosed as being PRE-DIABETIC. This took me back a bit and also pissed me off in a sense when I heard the doctor’s orders were “Watch your sugar and come back in 6 months.”

UUUMMM, ok..this may take a turn here because I am PISSED that those were the orders. Are you EFFING kidding me? Can you tell me what that means doctor? Can you tell me how much sugar I am supposed to have? Can you tell me which foods contain hidden sugars and what to look for? Which foods I should eat and not eat? How to figure out which foods I can and cannot have? Can you EDUCATE me on this a bit more? THERE IS SUGAR IN EVERYTHING!!

Well, let me educate you a bit on this in case you have been or are in this situation.

Let’s start with food.

There is so much hidden sugar in the foods we eat, it is insane so just knowing that may help you a bit right off the bat. In my blog, 61 names for sugar that is hidden in our foods, I go into detail and what you should look for. SUGAR IS SUGAR IS SUGAR!!

Oh but it’s natural sugar! Do you think your body knows? NOPE! It doesn’t.

This little whiteboard is hanging in my doctor’s office


So where do you begin and how in the world are you supposed to know what to do if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic?

How much sugar should I be eating?

That can be different for both men and women. The recommended sugar intake for adult women is 22 grams of sugar per day, for adult men, it’s 36 grams daily. This is pretty much ANY and all forms of sugar. A medium apple can have roughly 19 grams of sugar so, there’s that. Might be something to think about when it comes to fruit and it’s “natural” sugar theory.


Do I limit my carb intake?

I’m going to tell you YES on this one. Stick to fibrous carbs. I’d like to tell you to stay under 100, as that is what my doctor tells diabetics. BUT if you stick to 40-50 at each meal and under 25 for snacks, you may find this helps tremendously. I always say, load up on the greens and keep the starchy vegetables to very moderate (potatoes, corn, carrots and such).

I am no doctor!!



I am certainly not a doctor and I will never claim to know it all BUT I hope I have educated you a bit on the whole SUGAR issue and opened up a bit more for you to think about when it comes to what you are putting in your mouth. It sure beats “Watch your sugar and come back in 6 months.” I’d be more than happy to chat more with you on it so please leave a comment or shoot me a message and we can go into further detail.

Now, what are these 8 steps I talked about in the video?

8 steps to reverse diabetes

Get the right tests:

Most doctors only run a fasting blood sugar. This kind of gives false results in a sense that it is not showing how your body handles sugar when it is in your system. You should have your insulin levels are measured fasting and then 1 and 2 hours after a glucose drink.


Get smart about your nutrition. Do your research, know what is in your food and HOW they hide sugar in it. Eliminate sugar and processed carbohydrates, include whole real foods like lean protein (chicken or fish), veggies, nuts, seeds, beans, and whole grains.

Get the right supplements

Despite what you may hear or think, supplements are an essential part of treating diabesity. A good multivitamin, vitamin D, fish oil, and special blood sugar balancing nutrients. I use high-quality blood balancing supplements with my clients.

Work on STRESS

Stress is a major unrecognized contributor to insulin resistance and blood sugar imbalance. Stress can have so many negative effects on our health. It is so important to try and slow down and take a little ‘time out” now and then. Deep breathing, yoga, and meditation are great for stress.

Get moving

If you don’t use it you lose it! Get out and get active a few times a week. 20-30 minutes 3 to 4 times a week is great medicine. Take a walk, join a gym and take a few classes, dance it out..whatever it takes, just move!!

Get Clean

You’d be surprised at how many environmental toxins are out there contributing to diabetes and poor health. Filter your water, look for green cleaning products, and avoid plastics when you can.

Know your body

You may need to get a little more personal even if you are taking the steps above. You may need to dive a bit deeper into your own health and see what the ROOT CAUSE could be. It could be possible that you have other imbalances like hormones, thyroid and more that contribute to your diabetes.

Be your own advocate

Always, always be researching and asking your doctor questions. Be your own advocate and bring your friends and family on board with you. The more you know, the more you know and when you know better, you do better.



In a world where we are so trusting of our doctors, we need to realize that WE must do our own homework and continue finding doctors that will work with us, educate us and be on the same page as us when it comes to our health.

I can tell you from personal experience that TYPE 2 diabetes is 100% reversible and I REFUSE to let another family member go down from it. I’ve watched what is can do to a persons health and WILL NOT sit there and watch it again.

I may seem rough and tell it like it is when it comes to things like this BUT if the doctors aren’t telling us then who will? I will continue to get the word out there in hopes that people hear it and begin to make the changes needed to improve their health and wellness.






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