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The Best Way to Know if You Have a Sugar Addiction

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How do you know if you have a sugar addiction? Do you crave sugar? Do you find that if and when you do eat a sugary snack, you lose control and eat more than you planned?

Shaking your head yes? Then you may just have a little addiction to sugar.

Most people don’t realize how much sugar they are actually consuming, let alone tie that consumption to an addiction. Some people have even tried to quit eating sugar but it just gets too hard and they give in to their cravings.

It’s true that the more sugar you eat, the more you will crave. Your brain actually sees sugar as a reward which just keeps you wanting more.

When you continue eating sugar, you’re reinforcing that reward which makes this all in all, a tough habit to break. We eat a sugary snack which gives us a little sugar high and makes us feel energized and “all fuzzy on the inside”. This quick pick me up soon comes to an end once the high has gone away. Over time your brain requires MORE sugar to generate this high and of course, most of us just feed into that.


So what do you to to help cure this sugar addiction? Well, as I said before, the more you eat, the more your brain will crave. So you would have to do the exact opposite to break the habit. You would have to start consuming less and less sugar each day. You CAN actually train your brain NOT to crave sugar this way. The less sugar you eat, the less you’ll crave. Start paying attention to how much sugar is in the foods you are eating and work on cutting that down a little each day.

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