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Are Your Hormones Out of Balance?

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Are your hormones are out of balance?

Does any of this sound familiar?

Something’s just not right. You’re eating more, sleeping less, feeling frazzled, and your stress has stress, even when you think things are pretty OK. You just don’t feel quite like yourself lately. This has a lot to do with what goes on INSIDE your body.



How’s your overall health?

I know I talk a lot about health in both a physical and emotional state. I honestly believe that in order to feel like our true selves again we need to focus on optimizing our health, which means we have to nourish both our body and our mind. This is sometimes hard to do if our hormones are out of whack.

Your hormones dictate virtually every part of your life: from your state of mind to your behavior, body shape, eating habits, and even your reaction to stress.

So how do you know if your hormones are out of whack?


Womens Hormone Issues



You feel wired and completely exhausted all at the same time. I like to blame that cute little stress hormone called cortisol. Chronic stress results in high cortisol levels, which then can cause weight gain ( especially belly fat), whacked-out blood sugar levels, and feelings of being slightly off.  Fluctuating cortisol levels tax your adrenals and put you on a roller coaster ride of feeling wound up but exhausted at the same time. And when your adrenals have had enough? They quit. You feel lethargic, heavy, foggy and maybe even a little depressed.


women's hormones


Your libido seems to have gone missing. Roughly 70% of your libido is actually hormonal. Damn hormones! You can blame it on your estrogen dominance or low estrogen , but your thyroid health and cortisol levels can also play a role. So basically when you’re hormonal, over-stressed, and feeling a bit frazzled, sex is pretty much the LAST thing on your mind.

You seem to have uncontrollable cravings. They’ve gone mad and you are just eating to eat. High cortisol or insulin can cause the sweet cravings. If your adrenal glands are slightly out of whack, you’ll crave the salty snacks.

Then what happens? Cravings = Weight gain = unhappy and feelings of depression.

You just can’t seem to lose weight! Your hormones are over here running the show when it comes to your metabolism. Stubborn excess weight that just won’t go away, no matter how much you’re working out, often comes from a hormonal imbalance that causes fat storage, especially around the midsection. You’d be surprised to realize that you don’t have to kill yourself exercising. You just have to find a little hormonal balance and create the right lifestyle and dietary habits.


Women's Hormones- Estrogen


Your mood swings are up and down faster than a roller coaster. We all have our little ups and downs but in all reality,  you shouldn’t experience the extreme highs and lows. If your mood swings don’t seem to improve over time, it might be time to look at how your hormones are crashing the party.

All of these signs and symptoms lead us to believe that IF we go on a DIET, we will see the weight loss…however, when it comes to our hormones being out of whack, we may not see the weight loss as fast as we would like. It’s not always about going on a diet. Something as simple as eliminating stress or making sure you are getting enough sleep could actually help you more than any diet would.

Are you feeling a little hormonal at this point?

It may be time to look into restoring your hormonal balance. This can be done naturally and without harm to your insides. Oh, and speaking of insides. How’s your gut? Did you know your gut health is directly linked to your hormones? In my next episode, we will talk about how your gut health is directly linked to the balancing of your hormones.


Womens hormones


Stick around, I’m about to show you a few things here that can totally change your life.


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