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Are Your Antibiotics Doing More Harm Than Good?

Antibiotics Are they doing more harm than good_

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Are antibiotics doing more harm to us than good? I see it every year, people are rushing to the doctor because their kids have the flu and they leave the office with a script for an antibiotic. I get it, no one likes being sick but in all reality, antibiotics are doing us more harm than good. Yes, they will shorten the duration of your illness ( by a day or so, in some cases only a few hours). They will probably prevent the illness from getting worse…BUT if you are finding yourself running to and from the doctor EVERY year with the same issues, you may want to listen up.

Here’s a little FACT about antibiotics. Most kids will receive 10 to 20 doses of antibiotics by the time he or she is 18 years old. Yes, antibiotics help fight off the bad bacteria that may be causing the illness. It’s also killing the GOOD BACTERIA in our gut and making us more susceptible to illnesses down the road. Not to mention there are antibiotics in the foods we eat, I’m only going into the prescription part of the antibiotics, I’ll leave the food part for another time. ( Do a little homework though and check it out)

So while we’re hand sanitizing the living daylights out of ourselves and running to the doctor to get a script, what we’re really doing setting ourselves up for LONG TERM health consequences!! Maybe when mom says just let it run its course, that’s probably what we should do.

We’re in this antibacterial overkill which is leading to us becoming antibiotic resistant. Antibiotic resistance is primarily caused by repeatedly using antibiotics, which increases the formation of drug-resistant bacteria. SO basically, they are NOT working so much in helping us when we’re sick. AND we continually get sick, multiple times a year!



Every time you take antibiotics, you are essentially killing off the good sensitive bacteria in the body that are playing an important role in reducing and balancing GOOD bacteria. This then leaves the bad bacteria room to grow and multiply quicker making you sick ALL THE TIME!! You just can’t shake that strep throat or ear infection anymore.

So how do we stop this crazy vicious cycle from happening?

  • Only take the antibiotics when ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. There might actually be natural methods that are just as effective as an antibiotic, so don’t assume you need one or pressure your health care provider to prescribe.
  • Stop the craziness right from the source…YOUR DIET!! True health begins in the gut. Are antibiotics doing more harm than good?It may be GUT CHECK TIME!! 
  • Take probiotics and eat probiotic-rich foods.  Probiotics are the “friendly” bacterial flora living inside of our digestive tracts that help us break down our foods and absorb immune-boosting nutrients that feed our brain and organs.
  • Check into a few of “mother natures antibiotics” Look into a natural way to BOOST your immunity with some supplementation. Things like turmeric, echinacea, manuka, honey, colloidal silver.

If any of this rang a bell for you, I’d love to talk more with you about it and how we can keep you well and off the antibiotics on a regular basis. It may be time to start from the inside out and set your body up by boosting your immune system.

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