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5 Tips on How to Find Your True Calling

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I’m about to give you my 5 best tips on how to find your true calling in life.

Listen up: YOU can BE and DO so much more than you realize!

Ask yourself these questions:

What am I meant to be? What’s my goal? What do I really, REALLY want in life AND If I achieve my goals, what would my life look like?

Remember, YOU are truly extraordinary and you were put here to do amazing things!

It’s up to you to find out what those amazing extraordinary things are.

Here are my 5 tips on how to find your true calling in life.



  1. Notice your dreams and aspirations: Pay attention to the happenings in your life, the people you meet, the things you always notice and the places and people you are drawn to. Take notice and write it down somewhere as a reminder.
  2. Think about what you used to love: Think about what you used to love BEFORE someone told you how to feel and what to be. What did you love? What were you curious about?
  3. Pay attention to what keeps coming back to you: What keeps coming back in some way to you? Some things won’t go away when it comes to discovering your true calling. These are clues so pay attention.
  4. BE PATIENT: I really can’t say this any different. Your true calling will not happen overnight. It’s not an overnight express delivery type of thing. It takes time and patience to do and be bigger than you ever realized you could do.
  5. When you know, you know: Finding your true calling is kind of like falling in love. When you know, you know. You can feel the fire light inside you and it brightens you up. If you can’t go a day without thining about it, THAT is your calling

Remember this: Your life is the most valuable asset you’ll ever have, don’t wast it. Go out and live your life and be extraordinary. It’s never too late to choose that path. If your goals don’t scare you, then they’re not big enough. Get out of your comfort zone and go find your true calling!!

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