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5 Steps to Taking Care of Yourself : Step 1 Love Yourself

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It’s time YOU take care of YOU! It’s so important to love yourself first. 

Sometimes it’s easier said than done when we talk about self love. We’re always busy running around taking care of others and don’t stop to take a minute to take care of ourselves.

So many people hide from themselves and don’t even know who they are or what they feel they want that they forget how to love themselves. They just continue to think negative thoughts about themselves and don’t bother to try and change it. This is self sabotaging to say the least.

The good news is, we have the ability to change for the better by loving and taking care of ourselves.

When you learn how to love yourself, amazing things will happen. You’ll feel better about yourself, your relationships with others will improve. You need to care as much about yourself as you do others.

It’s NOT selfish to love yourself. When you love yourself enough you’ll be able to love others better.  You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Don’t base your love for yourself on certain circumstances; when I lose the weight, when I get that job, when I get the raise, the relationships or whatever, You shouldn’t put conditions on your love for yourself. Love yourself as you are RIGHT NOW!

If you are not willing to  love yourself as you are then you sure as heck won’t love yourself tomorrow becasue those darn excuses you’re using today will still be there tomorrow.

Give up the excuses and conditions TODAY and start to love yourself TOTALLY with NO expectations. Choose to love yourself RIGHT NOW in this moment.

Everything in your life flows from your relationship with yourself. When you learn to treat yourself like someone worthy of love, respect and compassion, your life will flow more effortlessly and joyfully.



Here are my 4 helpful tips to love yourself:

  • Avoid negative beliefs about yourself
  • Know it’s OK not to be perfect
  • Treat yourself as you would your best friend
  • Take time to take care of yourself


helpful tips on loving yourself

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