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What is Ketosis

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SO what it this KETOSIS stuff everyone is talking about?

Ketosis is a natural state for the body, when it is almost completely fueled by fat. Your body uses KETONES to burn fat. KETONES are the result of the body burning fat for energy or fuel.

Ketosis is a NATURAL state that you can put your body into by eating a low carb diet. A diet with roughly 70% to 80% FAT. 5% to 10% CARBS and the rest is from protein. There is no one size fits all in the keto diet. Each person will have a different metabolic threshold depending on a few factors. Each person has to figure out their individual approach by the response your body has with this way of eating.

Normally your body uses sugars as fuel but with ketosis, you will switch the body’s way of fuel burning and burning fat as fuel. This actually can regulate hormones along with many other medical benefits. It has been around since the 1920’s and was used to treat pediatric seizures back in the day UNTIL, Of course, they came up with a PILL to “fix” it all.

My doctor actually recommends eating low carb( below you will find a video from one of his speeches, I urge you to watch it). I have seen first hand how much it can benefit health. My cholesterol levels are down. I feel more energetic, I sleep better, I feel less bloated. That’s enough proof for me.

I’m not trying to convince anyone that this way of eating is the be all cure all BUT I will be touching on the MANY health benefits and how it can improve your overall health and can revise the ill effects of many medical ailments and chronic illnesses over this series in the next few days. Oh and did I mention that one of the side effects is WEIGHT LOSS?







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