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Turn Your Shoulds Into Musts

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Let’s talk about turning your shoulds into a MUST. In order to do that, we need to figure out the difference between the 2.

SHOULD:  is more of a recommendation, or simply a desirable goal.

MUST: is used when expressing obligation or an unavoidable requirement.

So basically, a MUST is more important that a SHOULD.



Everyone had a list of things they SHOULD do.

I should lose weight.

I should go workout.

I should spend more time with my family.

I should save money.

I should work harder.

There is little thought behind a SHOULD verses a MUST. People just don’t do the SHOULDS until they become a MUST. They just don’t want to make the changes needed in order to turn a should into a must. So I ask you this…What happens when the things you said you SHOULD happen HAS to happen? Will you change then?

Will you wait until your doctor says you are unhealthy and you MUST workout and watch your diet?

Will you wait until you’re so far in debt to save money?

Will you wait until you almost get fired to work harder?

Will you wait until it’s almost too late to change your shoulds into MUSTS?

Sometimes, change is difficult and no one wants to step outside of their comfort zone. I’m here to tell you that this has to change. Nothing extraordinary ever happens in your comfort zone. It’s time to decide, it’s time to o take action and execute. It’s time to change the SHOULDS into MUSTS.

Visualize what things will be like when you take action and MUST get something done.  Think about how great you’ll feel when you accomplish these SHOULDS. Decide you are going to push yourself. Decide you’re going to develop your life into something so awesome, don’t let excuses stop you.

Decide right now, today to start developing your life but turning your shoulds into MUSTS! Develop a few new habits each day. Make a few simple decisions to get things done. Take the actions that it will take to create momentum and LIVE your life.

Don’t wait around with you list of SHOULDS your whole life. Get out there and do what you MUST and make life amazing!! No one can do it for you except YOU!


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