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It’s Time to JUMP with Steve Harvey

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When it comes to Steve Harvey, you can go from laughing your head off one minute to crying your eyes out the next. I honestly LOVE him and how inspirational he is. He has such a passion in his voice, I feel like he is speaking to me when he talks and you better believe, I am listening.

I read his book Act like a Success, Think Like a Success about 2 years ago and I was blown away. He talks about your God given gifts and how to be a success in life. He says we’re all born with a God given gift and we have to find our passion. He says our gift is something we do the best with little effort. It’s something that we are passionate about that just comes naturally and we all have it with in ourselves to make the best of our dreams and passions. I read that book in about 2 days.

You can imagine my excitement when I found out he wrote a new book called Jump. This book is based off of his speech he gave to his Family Feud audience a while back. Here’s his speech in case you missed it. “If you’re feeling like there’s more to life, then you got to JUMP.”


I had to get this book so as I was shopping for gifts on Amazon, I bought myself the book. It was delivered last night and I have done nothing but highlight things that “JUMP” out at me. Friends, we have to take that jump, that leap of faith. We have to believe in ourselves and KNOW without a doubt that no matter what our past is, we can overcome and become something so huge and successful. We CAN have am do whatever we put our minds to.

The new year is approaching and everyone is saying they want to make 2017 THEIR year. Well, I challenge you to do just that. JUMP to the next level and do something amazing.

I highly recommend purchasing these books and adding them to your personal library. they have made a huge impact on me and I hope they do the same for you.

“Life is an incredible journey. It’s not good enough to exist—you need to live. You need to JUMP—to take a leap of faith, a risk toward the rich life God has planned for you.”

Head on over to Amazon, TODAY and get yours. Click the books below to learn more about how awesome you CAN BE!!

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