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Episode #98: Is Your Metabolism Slow?

Episode #98: Is Your Metabolism Slow?

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Do you feel like your metabolism is slow? Maybe it’s broken? Over 40 and feel like it’s come to a snail’s pace?

In this episode, I’m talking about metabolism and why it may be worries, it’s NOT broken BUT there are some things we may have done in the past that have slowed it down. Oh and P.S. Don’t blame it on menopause either.

You have the power and you’ve had it all along my dear ( cue Glinda the good witch from The Wizard of Oz)

I’ll be giving you:

  • The 3 ways YOU can control your metabolism
  • The Most Common Mistakes We’ve made with our metabolism during weight loss
  • Tips to improve your metabolism

You’re not a lost cause, there IS hope if you’ve hit a plateau or feel stuck on this journey.

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