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Episode #67: Cardio or Weights? Which One Will Speed Up Your Metabolism?

Episode #67: Cardio or Weights? Which One Will Speed Up Your Metabolism?

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Cardio? Weights? Which one will speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight?

In this episode, I’ll be bringing it to you LIVE..truthbombs and all about cardio -VS- Weight lifting

I feel like this is a multiple part question with a few multiple part answers. I get it, we all want to make sure we are getting more bang for our buck when it comes to working out. We’re all busy and we just want to know what will get us the quickest results in the shortest time.

I hear you loud and clear. You want to feel as if you’re working out in the best way to hit your goals.

So the question is… Do you need to drip in sweat to see success? Or will heavy lifting help you reach your goals?

Remember, I said it was a multiple part answer. So let’s dive in and answer a few questions like:

  • Is cardio better for fat loss OR should I lift weights?
  • What are the best forms of exercise to get results?
  • What are the impacts of cardio versus weights on your metabolism and overall calorie burn?
  • The benefits of both

If you are stuck, frustrated, sick of yo-yo dieting and want to reclaim your health and would like a little support and some awesome tips on nutrition and exercise for lasting weight loss and lifestyle balance.


This group is specifically for women who want and need a different approach to weight loss and health…an approach from the inside, out!

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