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Episode # 194 How to Spot a Fad Diet!!

Episode # 194 How to Spot a Fad Diet!!

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Oh they’re EVERYWHERE, they want you to believe they are something new and different…BUT do you know how to spot a fad, quick-fix diet? I know, I sure the hell didn’t, which is why I tried anything and everything back in the day. 

So what the heck is a fad diet?? That’s exactly what I’ll be talking about in this episode. 

Fad diets are advertised as quick-fix plans that promise weight loss and/or drastically improved health. Many fad diets are restrictive and involve rigid rules around what foods you can eat, how much you can eat, what times you’re allowed to eat, and even how much to exercise. While many diets can offer desirable outcomes in the short-term, most often the results are temporary due to the unsustainable, restrictive nature of the diet plan. They just aren’t sustainable for the long haul, which is WHY we are always chasing the next weight loss trend. 

These “Fancy” diets do NOT live up to their promises ( false promises) and some can be downright UNHEALTHY and dangerous…BUT, as long as we lose weight and become smaller, we’re good!! NOOOO!! Please stop! 

There are many risks to diets that the diet industry will not tell you. Don’t worry, I sure the hell will. Risks such as weight cycling, losing touch with physical hunger cues, slowed metabolism, low energy, loss of muscle mass, obsession with food, anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, body dissatisfaction, cravings, greater risk of heart disease, the potential for developing disordered eating, and the list goes on… This is why I do NOT promote this BS. Been there, done that and I have apologized over and over for not seeing through all the false promises. 

Spotting a fad diet can be tricky since some promise such awesome results and they say they are taking a different approach to weight loss altogether. 

Here are a few tips on spotting their BS:

Does it actually give food a moral value? Good/bad, restricted, eliminated, clean/dirty? That is a DIET! Does it have strict rules telling you when, how, and what you should eat? Do you feel deprived of certain foods? Are you missing out on life because of the eating plan? Who created the program? 

Those are just a few of the signs I’ll be discussing in this episode…





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