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Episode # 190 Stop Focusing on How Far You Have To Go

Episode # 190 Stop Focusing on How Far You Have To Go

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So many times we look at our health and weight loss journey and get overwhelmed because we look at how far we have to go instead of celebrating how far we’ve actually already come. 

It is truly all about the mindset and the way you look at it. I have my clients break their goals down because I know that sometimes they can seem like they are hard to reach if we look at them long-term. 

Every goal you set it ATTAINABLE, you just have to have the right plan and mindset to get there. 

One thing I’ve stopped doing is focusing on how far I have to go. Instead, I’m praising myself for how far I’ve come. I’m bringing that, and more to this episode. 

A little bit of raw honesty here…since I’ve been doing this often.

When I found out I had to have back surgery, a part of me was TERRIFIED. I had worked so hard on my workouts and strength training to get to where I was at. I feel I was in the best shape inside and out that I had ever been in and I felt so kick-ass about my workouts. 

For a bit, I thought there was no way I could ever do it again. But then that negativity left me. I made a promise to myself that I would do everything in my power to get back to that, EVEN if it looked a little different on all angles. 

Let me tell you, It’s hard ,there are days I long for those workouts BUT I know I am not quite there yet and it will be a while before I do get there. Looking at it from one angle I see how damn far I will have to go BUT, when I take that angle and switch it up, I look forward to the challenge knowing full well I’m gonna love to hate it and hate to love it but I WILL get there. AND when I do get there, I WILL keep going!! 

See, there is no start-stop for me. There is no start-stop for my health either. 

Here is your sign that you CAN do it and that it IS WORTH IT. I see you, freaking out, wondering how you can pull it off. Feeling tired, or feeling DONE.

But keep going and I promise you will be so glad you did..You CAN do hard things!!

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