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Episode # 189 C- Section Awareness Month…And the Scars it Leaves Behind

Episode # 189 C- Section Awareness Month…And the Scars it Leaves Behind

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I have to admit, I’ve never been a fan of my C-Section scars. I don’t wear a 2 piece bathing suit unless it has full coverage of my scars and stretch marks. Can you say body image issues? Yep!! They are there BUT they have been there even before I had these scars.

Let’s talk about the scars though since it’s awareness month. I’ve been ashamed of them, not what they brought me BUT the looks of them have disgusted me for years…BUT I’m working on letting that go. No one needs to see them because I think they’re ugly and look bad. 

Is that a me issue? I believe it is. Shit, my body has been CUT OPEN 3 times ( 2 vertical incisions and one bikini cut) to spew forth LIFE of another human being!! That’s pretty much a miracle in itself but put in the fact that I was cut open and then had to be a mother instantly. Not once but 3 times. That’s pretty fucking amazing. 

I remember my uncle saying…I have no idea how the hell you walked after that. ( after he watched a live c-section) They get you up and about within 24 hours of this major surgery. Yet we think getting back to our pre-baby body is the most amazing thing our bodies can do. Funny, I will NEVER be back to the pre-baby body because I have scars and stretch marks galore…AND I think what my body went through is the most amazing thing MY body has and will ever do!

Man, I have worn those scars as shame for YEARS instead of being proud of what they symbolize!! It’s time we actually DO recognize things like this instead of trying to hide them and that’s exactly what I’m bringing you in this episode!! 

P.S. I think I recorded this and tried rerecording it 2-3 times because it got a little emotional for me. 

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