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Episode # 181 What I Eat In a Day

Episode # 181 What I Eat In a Day

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It seems this is a new trend or one that I have been seeing more and more of out on social media…and quite grinds my gears. 

Of course, I will be talking about it in this episode. Does it matter what I eat in a day or what anyone else eats? What one person eats in a day should not matter to you. Most of these posts and videos I am seeing are not even enough food to sustain a toddler. Social media has so much of an influence on us BUT it’s not always healthy. 

I am sure sometimes there are some great recipe ideas out there and we can find something to spice up our meals BUT what another person eats in a day should have no bearing on what you eat or decide to eat. Keep in mind that I can put 5 different clients on the SAME eating plan and they will all see different results. These “What I eat in a day” posts know nothing about you nor do you know why that person is eating that way. Eating plans MUST be individualized and in my own coaching opinion, BE REALISTIC. MANY, too many of these posts are NOT a realistic way to eat. 

Let’s dive into WHAT I EAT IN A DAY!!!

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