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Episode # 174 Why Our Bodies Fight Weight Loss

Episode # 174 Why Our Bodies Fight Weight Loss

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It seems that weight loss is impossible for some. We’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be working. I hear this all the time so I’m about to break it down because I think there is so much we do not understand about weight loss because society and the diet world has us confused. 

So, WHY do our bodies seem to fight us when it comes to weight loss? Why can’t we seem to keep the weight off once it’s gone? Why are the things we used to do to lose weight no longer working? It’s your body fighting back after years of yo-yo dieting. 

Did you know that roughly 90% of people who have lost weight will eventually gain it back? Now, that’s not to say that sustainable weight management is impossible. But, understanding how your body responds to weight loss efforts can help you establish realistic expectations on your journey.

So let’s talk about WHY your body is fighting back, shall we? 

I’ll be discussing what has happened to our metabolism, why it’s possible it has slowed down, and how to bring it back up to normal speed. The role our hormones play in all of this and how smart our bodies actually are and why they fight back every time we try to lose weight along with tips on how to bring it all into a place where you and your body can work together to reach your goals and much more. 


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