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Episode # 170 Waist Trainers!!! The good, bad and the ugly

Episode # 170 Waist Trainers!!! The good, bad and the ugly

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In this episode, I’m revealing the TRUTH behind the BS of waist trainers. Seriously, what are we training our waists for? These things are HAMRFUL and they serve NO purpose at all in slimming your waist as they FALSELY promise!! 

Stop “waisting” your money on them. They are actually defeating the purpose of having “abs”..did you know they WEAKEN your ad/core and pelvic floor muscles?? That’s just ONE of the unhealthy things they do. Let’s talk more about the dangers of waist trainers/ trimmers. 

While they may be trendy, they’re not likely to help you lose much weight around your middle. In fact, they can be dangerous and may be risky to your health.

Take a listen to this podcast to learn about what waist trainers do and whether they’re worth the risk


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