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Episode # 167 Four Reasons Why Society’s Beauty Standards are Dangerous

Episode # 167 Four Reasons Why Society’s Beauty Standards are Dangerous

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Yes, I said DANGEROUS…In today’s episode, I am going to talk about society’s beauty standards and why they suck and are dangerous. Take a look around on social media and look at the crazy things that get attention. 

Doesn’t everyone want the “perfect” figure, pouty lips and whatever else they promote that makes you socially acceptable? It seems it all comes down to appearance and whether or not you feel accepted in today’s society. The standards are a bit irrational and kind of hard to keep up with since they are ever-changing. 

I’m calling bullshit on these standards and telling you that they can be downright dangerous. Not only for us women today BUT for our children and here’s why…

From body dysmorphia to eating disorders to negative emotions AND even suicide…I’ll be diving into them all and the dangers of them. Let’s chat more about that…shall we? 


I also mentioned last week’s podcast about waving the white flag on the fantasy ( perfect) body. You can listen to that HERE

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