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Episode #141: Does Losing Weight Help You Feel More Confident? The REAL Truth You Haven’t Heard

Episode #141: Does Losing Weight Help You Feel More Confident? The REAL Truth You Haven’t Heard

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Does losing weight REALLY help you feel more confident??
Let’s talk about that. Shall we?

I’m diving into the REAL TRUTH in this episode.

I hear all the time, from the women who come to me, that they’d like to lose weight to FEEL more confident, have more energy and be happier….BUT is weight loss what you need in order to FEEL that way?

Seems the diet industry pushes that and has us believing that ALL of our wildest dreams will come true once we lose weight with their program ( ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit there BUT come on)

Honestly, I love those answers. They are powerful.

What women are saying (and what you’re likely saying, too) is that reaching your ideal weight, letting go of extreme dieting tactics, and getting more energy would transform your life.
That’s no small thing.

BUT WAIT…there’s more…When I ask what has held them back from achieving these goals their top answers, ironically are…

Lack of confidence

Lose/lack my motivation

Lack of feeling happy/energy/good about myself.

The REASONS have become the EXCUSES as to WHY they aren’t seeing the results they deserve…THIS is TOTALLY normal and I hear it all the time.

SO, how do we break the cycle?

If we are constantly using our REASONS/EXCUSES as one and the same we’ll be forever caught in this perpetual vicious cycle.

WE MUST INTERRUPT THIS PATTERN and get off the yo-yo diet rollercoaster!!!

This podcast could be your ticket off this crazy yo-yo diet cycle

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